Kim Kardashian Is A Source Of Inspiration For Beyoncé – According To Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Is A Source Of Inspiration For Beyoncé - According To Kanye West

Honestly, I don’t even feel the need to write an introductory paragraph to ease you into this news story because the title says it all. Also, if you got whiplash from doing a double take while reading it, I apologize and please don’t sue me (the only thing you’d get out of the settlement would be approximately forty half-used lip glosses, anyway).

Kanye made the above claim when asked about the relationship between Bey and Kim K during an interview with Power 105′s The Breakfast Club. He responded by saying that, “They love each other. They respect each other. When Beyoncé was working on her album she had pictures of Kim on the wall because Kim represents powerful women.”

Now, there are so many different things I could parse out of that loaded statement but let’s focus on what really matters: Getting Kanye the professional medical help that he so clearly needs. Homeboy must be having a fever dream, because there’s no way in hell that anything he said is true.

First off, I don’t think Beyoncé and Kim “love each other.” I mean, Kim probably loves Beyoncé – who doesn’t? But as far as I know, there’s not even photographic evidence that Beyoncé has ever looked Kim directly in the eye. Because they are both figuratively and literally not on the same level.

And the picture claim? Bitch, please.You know who Beyoncé probably has pictures of on the wall? Beyoncé. She is the end all be all of powerful women. And also just the end all be all, period. I saw Beyoncé in concert once and I haven’t been the same since. She literally rearranged something in my brain and made me a different person. Her performance is now the metric against which I judge my life and the only thing that has come mildly close to her level of perfection was when Taco Bell accidentally gave me a Doritos Locos taco shell in my Cheesy Gordita Crunch when I was drunk. So, I really, really really doubt that Kim’s ability to take selfies inspires Beyoncé in any way, shape, or form.

Although, on second thought, maybe Beyoncé does have a picture of Kim on her wall. Maybe Bey looks at it as a little daily reminder to think of the less fortunate, more basic bitches of the world.

To hear more all of Kanye’s rant (because there is no such thing as a Kanye West “interview”) check out the video.

[via Just Jared]

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