Kentucky Town Issues Arrest Warrant for Elsa From “Frozen” Because They’re Cold

Kentucky Town Issues Arrest Warrant for Elsa From "Frozen" Because They're Cold

I guess that nobody in the little town of Harlan, Kentucky is saying “the cold never bothered me anyway.” In order to deal with the snap of icy arctic weather, they’ve issued an arrest warrant for Queen Elsa from the incredibly popular Disney movie “Frozen” as seen in a post by Harlan City Police Department’s Facebook page.

The Harlan police department later followed their post up, reminding its township that the cold is serious business “all joking aside.” Alas, though, it has seemingly accomplished nothing but getting parents to show their kids the Facebook page and now there are a bunch of kids begging to watch “Frozen” on repeat, and parents subsequently attempting to blow their brains out. Nice going.

Hope that Anna comes to rural Kentucky at some point soon and breaks the curse with the magical power of sister love! But more likely it’ll just warm up soon because it’s, you know, almost spring, and she’s NOT REAL.

But while we’re here, one of our favorites.

You’re welcome.

[via Time]

Image via Cinema Blend

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