KDR At Penn State Takes “Sharing Your Nudes” To A Creepy New Level

KDR At Penn State Takes "Sharing Your Nudes" To A Creepy New Level

Dudes are confusing. And also creeps. They’re confusing creeps. In one moment, they want what’s “theirs.” Boyfriends get mad when their girlfriends show too much skin or dance too provocatively or do literally anything that might make another guy think about what she looks like naked. In the next moment, however, they’re bragging about that thing you did last night and sharing your nudes with their friends. It’s totally fucked.

If a guy is going to go there, though, at least practice the whole “show, don’t share” concept. You can flash your buddies a photo of the chick on your own phone, but don’t send the photo out so that they now have it in their own possession. That just seems like the way to be both be courteous (or at least slightly less discourteous) and the way to avoid getting caught by your girlfriend, or like, the law.

You’d think that no one would be so stupid as to share a naked photo…or at least not to share a naked photo that they obtained without the woman’s consent, but guys prove that they’re idiots once again. Members of Kappa Delta Rho, a “really popular” fraternity on Penn State’s campus were apparently rolling deep in the poon tang, and they couldn’t just smile about it to themselves. They had to prove it to each other. So, they started taking photos of naked women in their beds after they’d fallen asleep or passed out there. Smart. From there, they shared those photos with their brothers in two secret Facebook groups like a bunch of idiots.


According to the search warrant, the first page “Covert Business Transactions” was shut down after a victim allegedly discovered it, but according to the search warrant, a second page titled “2.0” was made in its place.
Police said this is where members allegedly shared photos of drug sales, hazing and photos of unsuspecting victims – mostly women – partially naked.

During the investigation, police said they got warrants and searched several computers and the Facebook page, but they said everything was already wiped clean.

But police did obtain about 20 photos for evidence when it was first discovered.

The fraternity was immediately suspended by IFC, but I seriously doubt any girls would want to go there at this point anyway.

[via WJACTV]

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