Katy Perry Is Finally Getting Revenge On Taylor Swift For The “Bad Blood” Video – And It’s Perfect

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I officially like Taylor Swift. It took me a really long time to get here, and some days I still don’t want to admit it. But the signs are all there. I turn up the radio when her music comes on (except her annoying, early shit), I follow her on social media, and I freaked TF out when her “Bad Blood” music video was released. That being said, I think she’s a total bitch. Which is fine. I’m not sitting here trying to diss her. I think she’s great, and most of the time, I’m a complete bitch too, so it works. But let’s be real, you never want to be on Taylor Swift’s bad side.

Let’s look at the facts. She writes songs about everything, she’s got a posse of beautiful, bitchy girls as her friends, and she’s at the age where her motto is “IDGAF.” Case and point: Katy Perry.

The Katy Perry/Taylor Swift feud has been a subtle thing for a while. Someone dissed someone and someone ruined someone’s concert and blah blah blah. Same old diva singer shit we’re used to. Subtle jabs and passive-aggressive tweeting.


But then, Tay took things to a really real level when she released “Bad Blood.” The hair. The feud. The gang of friends and the (in no way hidden) hatred for the person who “wronged” her. It was not only so obviously about Katy, but it was the most beautiful, insane, passive-aggressive insult we had ever seen. After it was posted we all held our breaths in fear and admiration, wondering what would happen next. How could this be topped? Never, in the history of being a bitchy-as-fuck girl, have I seen something this brilliantly evil.

So we waited. And waited, and waited.

Then finally, it happened. Katy Perry just purchased the legal rights to the song title “1984.”

You know, exactly like Taylor’s “1989” title. Which is pure genius. Granted, other than this obvious “screw you” of a title, little is known about the song, album, or what Katy is planning. Still there are so many ways this could go. Will Katy tell her side? Will she just try to beat Tay by having this subtle jab? Or is she just making fun of her?

Who knows, but needless to say, we’re all excited to watch the shit hit the fan. Sure, it’s petty, immature, and totally pointless, but if this feud keeps turning out awesome music and endless entertainment, we support the hate. UGH. Don’t you just love watching the drama unfold? Well done, Katy. Tay? You’re up.

[via Us Magazine, BMI Repertoire]

Image via Youtube / Hollywoodwire TV

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