Kate Moss Calls Pilot “Basic Bitch” When She’s Refused Alcohol

Kate Moss Is Refused Alcohol While Traveling, Calls Pilot

Traveling is a pain in the ass. Between layovers, violating airport checks, and the possibility of losing your luggage, the experience is enough of a pain in the ass to make you seriously consider dishing out your life savings for a private jet. Or at least get too drunk to realize how shitty the whole ordeal is.

Kate Moss was recently traveling home from Turkey when she did the sane thing and ordered herself an on-flight drink, either to lessen the annoyance of flying or because she’s a raging alcoholic. After the flight attendant refused to get her alcohol, Moss took matters into her own hands by retrieving a bottle of vodka from her carry-on. The flight crew attempted to reprimand the supermodel, who was too busy being hot and taking swigs from her probably top-shelf stash to care. Moss then called the pilot a “basic bitch,” and was promptly escorted from the plane.

Before you judge her, you should know that Kate had been in Turkey celebrating the 50th birthday of actress friend Sadie Frost all weekend. Why does this matter? Put yourself in her shoes for a quick sec… the bitch was probably hungover. Can you imagine being severely dehydrated and suffering a massive headache, all while listening to some broad in a pencil skirt bark orders at you? I would’ve reached for the vodka, too. It’s a power move, really.

Sure, she shouldn’t have called the pilot names– but only because “basic bitch” is severely outdated. She should have insulted his eyebrows or something more current, to keep up with the times. I guess it makes sense that she wouldn’t know the common trends, however, because she’s pushing 42. Silly Kate; modern lingo is for kids.

The airline didn’t press charges or file a formal complaint against Moss. Those on board claim that the scene was more funny than threatening, and that the crew was blowing things out of proportion. I’m sure this was totally true, and not at all related to the fact that Kate is an insanely famous international model and generally flawless person.

[via Jezebel]

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