Kate Middleton In Labor

That’s right, ladies. The child to make all of our future children pale in comparison is officially on its way. Kate Middleton is in labor and all the world’s abuzz. From Fox News:

She was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital early Monday morning after arriving in a private car with her husband. She is expected to give birth in the private Lindo Wing of the hospital, where Princess Diana gave birth to William and to his younger brother, Harry.

Something about birthing a child where your husband was birthed just seems gross to me, but hey, I’m all for tradition, I suppose. Kate is said to be “progressing normally,” and has plans to deliver naturally, but I mean…who does that?

People are camped outside the royal palace awaiting the royal birth, but as is customary, Queen Elizabeth will be the first to receive the news. She is, of course, going on vacation this Friday, and has no intention of waiting at the palace (where she’d like to receive the news) for the baby, though.

Until such time, the monarchy has instilled a virtual news blackout regarding the child’s birth. The first “hint” that the baby was born will come when an official exits the hospital with a Buckingham Palace letterhead, denoting the baby’s gender, weight, and time of birth. It will then be posted, an official announcement will be made on Twitter, and the media will be notified. This is exactly how the birth of the baby’s father was announced before it, and its grandfather before that. Without Twitter, presumably.

It may be up to a month before the baby’s name is released to the public, so Waity Katie has made us her waity bitches, it seems. I can’t see how it won’t get leaked, but I hear they have some pretty legit security up at Buckingham Palace, so I guess all things are possible.

[via Fox News]

Image via Business Insider


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