Kat Von D Publicly Drags Jeffree Star And The Entire Makeup World Is Shook


Tattoo artist turned makeup tycoon Kat Von D is pretty big time in the world of cosmetics. Her line is vegan, cruelty-free, and might I add, pretty freaking bomb. It’s sold in stores all over the world, including the Mecca of makeup lovers: Sephora. Jeffree Star is a musician turned makeup brand owner, and while his cosmetics are lesser known, he has quickly put the entire makeup community on notice with his incredible liquid lipsticks, highlighters, and newly launched eyeshadow palette.

Here’s where the two collide: Jeffree Star and Kat Von D used to be best friends until a feud erupted late last night. It all started when Kat Von D posted this disclaimer to Instagram, stating that she no longer supports Jeffree Star or his brand.

Jeffree Star fired back in a series of now-deleted tweets.

He probably deleted those tweets because Kat Von D fact-checked Jeffree, stating that they texted a few days ago, and threatening to release their text exchange to the world. (SOUND FAMILIAR???)

These are the tweets Jeffree posted after Kat’s warning.

Jeffree Star has faced tons of backlash for his DGAF personality and willingness to call people/brands out. He even started drama with Kylie Jenner after he ordered her lip glosses and received them with the application wands all messed up. Kat had apparently had enough of his attitude and took a stand against her former friend.

As Kat Von D promised she uploaded a video to YouTube explaining why she’s cutting all ties with Jeffree.

In the video, she basically explains that she’s the one who helped Jeffree launch his makeup brand in the first place by connecting him with the people who produce her liquid lipsticks. The feud began when Kat connected Jeffree with a friend who helped design the logo for his cosmetics line and Jeffree refused to pay him for his work, even going so far as to block his number. She then goes on to say that she doesn’t agree with who he has become as a person and wants to distance herself and her brand from him.

Here’s Jeffree’s response to Kat’s video.

He also said on his Snapchat that Kat’s video is full of “lies and propaganda,” and he promises to film a video later tonight “addressing her false allegations, the logo drama (which is already squashed) and everything else that she lied about.”

Two huge idols in the makeup world are feuding and Twitter is obviously freaking out. People are taking sides, shade is being thrown, the works.

I wonder what Jeffree has up his sleeve? As Katy Perry says, the truth will set you free. All I know is I am LIVING for all this drama the past few days.

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