Kanye West And Taylor Swift Going Into The Recording Studio Together

Kanye West And Taylor Swift Going Into The Recording Studio Together

If you can remember, there was once a time in this great nation’s history before Kanye was the most ridiculous human on the planet, before Taylor Swift was an evil dictator, and before Beyoncé was queen. That time, believe it or not, was 2009. Then at the 2009 VMAs — what most regard as a controversy, but I believe to be the greatest publicity stunt of all time — changed everything. After Taylor Swift was awarded Best Female Video for “You Belong with Me,” Kanye rushed the stage, interrupted the then teen’s acceptance speech to let the world know that the best video OF ALL TIME was actually “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. Later in the evening, when she actually did receive Video of the Year for “Single Ladies,” Beyoncé acknowledged having her first award at age 17, and invited Taylor up onto the stage to “have her moment.”

People went crazy. It was all anyone could talk about. Everyone was shaming Kanye, pitying Taylor, and praising Bey. Not me. I think they were all in on it. Taylor reassured us that she was, in fact, the victim she loved to play and was able to hold onto her faux innocence for several years. Kanye was the perfect douchebag, just in time to introduce his song “Runaway,” and solidify his reputation as a hard badass who didn’t give a shit about anyone. (Some people say Runaway was inspired by the incident. I think it was already in the works.) And Beyoncé, well, as soon as Beyoncé gave her acceptance speech to Taylor that was when a diva became a queen. Since then, all three stars shot even further into superstardom, and I think we can all agree, it was the perfect career move for all involved.

This weekend at the Grammy Awards, Kanye once again praised Beyoncé, claiming she was more deserving of Album of the Year than winner Beck — just in case we’d all forgotten what happened six years ago. He also strategically smiled for the first time in months for a photo with none other than Taylor Swift. Everyone in Taylor’s coven went wild. “The fact that Taylor can forgive Kanye just proves what a good person she is.” We even made a jab ourselves.

But if you ask me, maybe we should have been saying that if Kanye can forgive Taylor for literally her whole personality, then maybe we should too. This morning, it all started to make sense again. On Air with Ryan Seacrest announced via Twitter that Kanye and Taylor are going into the recording studio together.

And just like that, the feud is over. #TeamKanye is #TeamTaylor, and #TeamTaylor is #TeamKanye — and perhaps, maybe it was all along. All I have to say about it, is this could be epic. While I think both of them are psychopaths, they make good music, and joining forces can only be a good thing, if for nothing other than entertainment value. Plus, if the life cycle of their controversy comes to an end, maybe people will finally stop saying “Imma let you finish, but” like it’s still relevant. Regardless, I’m so excited for This Sick BeatTM.

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