Kaitlyn Bristowe Slams “The Bachelor” Producer For Not Letting Her Go On Dancing With The Stars Now That Nick Viall Will Be A Contestant

Kaitlyn Bristowe

We all know the world is pissed off that Nick Viall is going to be on season 24 of “Dancing With The Stars.” We’ve seen enough of him wallowing in his self pity of not being good enough for anybody, so I can just imagine how bad it’s going to be when he shows the world he can’t love and also can’t dance. But someone who is exuding extreme displeasure with the male race and more specifically, The Bachelor producer Mike Fliess, is none other than ex-Bachelorette herself, Kaitlyn Bristowe.

It all started with Whitney Bischoff to get this drama train rolling.

I could explain the rest of the situation, but I think Kaitlyn’s personal tweets do the story justice of outrage and sexism a lot better than I ever could.a lot better than I ever could. So get ready to RT.

And then, the counter.

And then, the knock out.

And finally, the double knock out. Just to make sure Mike Fliess stays down and doesn’t get back up.

I can only imagine that Nick won’t make it past week 5, and Kaitlyn wouldn’t make it past week 3. So let’s bury the reality tv hatchet, guys. Simone Biles is going to be on Season 24, so the rest of the cast can just go home already.

[via Elite Daily]

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