Justice Prevails: Thieves Caught After Maybe The Largest Sorority Pin Heist Ever

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I have to admit that I’ve seen a rival sorority’s pledge pin lying in the dirt outside of a fraternity house before. While it was tempting to snatch up the pin and keep it as some sort of trophy, the realization of how sick and twisted that was stopped me. Some girl out there was probably crying her heart out over that dirt-encrusted, diamond-laden, lost pin. I encourage anyone who ever finds such an item to return it as safely (and anonymously) as possible.

But when you steal literally thousands of pins from deceased women, what kind of person are you? That is a completely different level of evil that I did not know existed until recently, when Delta Delta Delta was robbed of roughly 5,000 sorority pins. Well, the perpetrators have finally been caught: Carla Rae Seals and Mark Jason Stroface, a couple from Arlington, Texas. Tri Delt’s nationals are also in Arlington, and the couple was charged with theft totaling more than $200,000 for stealing an estimated $1.5 million worth of sorority pins. While it is dishearteningly unlikely that all of the pins will be found, at least the thieves will be charged as deserved.

The scary part? This was most likely an inside job. How else would someone know where all those pins of members past laid to rest? Conveniently enough, Seals worked for Tri Delt’s nationals at the time of the heist, and officials believe she is the one who put the plan into action. She has since been placed on leave until proven guilty.

The president of Delta Delta Delta released a written statement concerning the matter:

We anxiously await the results of the search being conducted by the authorities. At the same time, we are deeply saddened to learn that the theft may have involved one of our own staff members.

[via Dallas News]
[via Dallas Observer]

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