Just When You Thought Nick Jonas Couldn’t Get Hotter, He Decides To Join A Fraternity

By now, it’s no secret that I am a tad bit obsessed with Nick Jonas. I tweet at him almost every day, I spend my time plotting against his girlfriend, and (confession) this is my third column about him. Just when I thought Mr. I Walk Around In My Calvins couldn’t get any better, he went and raised the bar.

Nick has now partnered with James Franco’s production company, and he will star in a new movie called “Goat.” In case you haven’t read the 2005 memoir the film is based on — spoiler alert — fraternity men boys. That’s right, Nick Jonas will be portraying a blazer-wearing, beer-chugging frat guy. I honestly can’t think of a better combination. There’s no one I’d rather have making me mysteriously strong trashcan punch.


The former Jonas Brother will be getting a Greek makeover to play a new pledge, Brad, who apparently receives some pretty harsh hazing. The movie has no set release date, and although there aren’t too many details out yet, I can tell this will be one fine piece of cinematic art. All I can say is I hope he doesn’t lose that piece of work to a frat dad bod.


[via MTV]
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