Just A Quick Head’s Up, There’s A Deadly Yeast Infection Going Around

deadly yeast infection

Batten down the hatches and button up your hooches. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued a report saying that there is currently a strain of yeast infections that is completely drug-resistant and potentially fatal. This would be nothing like the time that I had a yeast infection and then went to the hospital for an allergic reaction to Monistat because I thought I was dying. This yeast infection could for real kill you.

While it hasn’t been in the United States since 2013, it is clearly enough of an issue that we are being notified about it. 60% of people who have been diagnosed with this strain have died — not very good odds. To keep things exciting, this yeast is usually misdiagnosed and subsequently is incorrectly treated. Fun! Also, the fungus isn’t passed from human contact, it “seems to get into hospital settings and stay there,” meaning it can transfer from surface to surface. Great!

Let’s recap: yeast infection, can’t be always be treated, commonly misdiagnosed, and for sure has the ability to fully murder you. I was having a pretty good day until this news was brought to my attention. Add this to the list of reasons why being a girl sucks. You spend all this time taking care of your vagina, cleaning it, giving it attention, spending hours changing tampons and pads and not once do you blame your vagina for doing its job, and what does it do? It goes out, picks up a yeast infection, and tries to kill you. It’s like nothing we do is ever good enough. You know what? Give me your best shot, yeast. I’ll bake you into a bread and feed it to the wolves. I ain’t scared.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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