Judge Declares Mistrial After Female Juror Wouldn’t Stop Flirting With Defendant

Judge Declares Mistrial After Female Juror Wouldn't Stop Flirting With Defendant

It goes without saying that there is something undeniably hot about the bad guy. I’m not talking about a bad guy, I’m talking about the bad guy. The criminal. The villain. The convict. You want to hate him, but there’s a sex appeal there that you just can’t explain because your head and your vagina are never on the same page.

An Australian judge recently declared a mistrial after a female jury member couldn’t stop flirting with the defendant. The woman was said to have been “flicking her hair, smiling, raising an eyebrow and nodding in a potentially suggestive manner at the accused man.”

I’m all for chasing the bad boy, but holy shit, there’s a line, lady. What did you think would happen? Did you envision the two of you cuffed together, riding a penitentiary van into the sunset? I imagine the scenario in this sicko’s head was a tad more sexual. Probably still included the cuffs, though.

The trial was three weeks along when a sheriff sitting in the back of the courtroom first noticed the woman “gesturing” and “making eyes” at the defendant, who was charged with armed robbery. After apparent eye-batting, the judge had had enough. He discharged the entire jury and ruled that the case will have to start over.

What a moron. But before I jump the gun and judge her too harshly, I think I should probably see a mugshot of this guy. Just to be safe.

[via Jezebel]

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