Jessica Biel’s Instagram Calling Out JT Is Everything

Jessica Biel's Instagram Calling Out JT Is Everything

Last week Justin Timberlake almost got into a world of trouble when he posted a selfie at the voting booth. Luckily, for all of us JT fans, officials waved the incident and he was free to go. But, his wife, Jessica Biel, is still finding plenty of time to make fun of Justin for the mishap, proving to us, once more, that JT and Biel are couples goals af.

On Monday, Jessica posted a series of selfies with her “I voted” sticker attached to her face.

Her capiton reads:

“When you’re so turnt up about voting that you do a photo shoot with your sticker and think it’s cool but then second guess it, but you’ve already posted, but at least you waited to get home before snapping so you won’t almost go to jail, shout out to @justintimberlake.”

But don’t worry, JT was quick to clap back to his lovely wife. He reposted her photo with the caption: “Well played, Wifey. Well played… #getoutandvote #rockthevote #votelikeyoumeanit #everyvotehashtagever,” he wrote, adding, “Ps. No selfies in the booth.”

Regardless of his silly mistake, both Biel and Timberlake are reminding voters to get their asses out of their homes and vote…the cute banter is just a bonus. Earlier this year, the couple hosted an extravagant fundraiser for Hilary Clinton. They definitely are with her and it’s great they are raising voter awareness in the process.

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