Jennifer Aniston Is Starring In A “Mean Girls” Spin-Off And OMG It’s Amazing

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It’s time for Lindsay Lohan to take a lap, because the gods of Hollywood have smiled down upon us all. After years of hoping, we have finally been gifted the most glorious “Mean Girls” spin-off possible. The new comedy will be called “Mean Moms,” and stars Jennifer Aniston, who, if you weren’t aware, just happens to be the queen of all that is good and holy.

The film is supposedly about a mother of two who moves to a high-class suburb and is ultimately faced with a whole new breed of bitchy women: overly competitive and overly botoxed suburban mothers. You know exactly who I’m talking about. The kind of mom that drives an Escalade and drinks martinis at 4 o’clock in the afternoon so she’s good and buzzed when it comes time to pick her kids up from school stand around and gossip with the other mothers about who got a boob job and who’s going broke. Remind you of anyone?

Rumors of the movie circled around in March, when some jackass with horrible Photoshop skills created this fake movie poster and made everyone believe that Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock would also star in the film.

Obviously that cast would be amazing, but frankly, it was way too good to be true. Regardless, Jennifer Aniston will surely kick ass and make us once again ask what the fuck Brad Pitt was thinking. I can only hope the movie will involve at lease one scene with adult hair-pulling, which is a very real possibility.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

Image via Consequence Of Sound

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