JCPenny Employee Sent Home For Wearing Shorts From JCPenny, Quits On The Spot Like A Boss

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This is such a WTF moment. Sylva Stoel, a (former) JCPenny employee, showed up to work wearing a pair of modest red shorts that her boss considered to be inappropriate. Because, ya know, JCPenny employees have such difficult tasks and play a very crucial role in the grand scheme of things. The kicker here is that Sylva had actually purchased the shorts from JCPenny, more specifically, the career section of JCPenny.

So basically what the store is saying is that these shorts are okay for people to wear to work… just not their own employees. After Sylva’s boss asked her to go home to change, Sylva quit on the spot and took to Twitter to release her rightful frustrations.

Yeah. You probably shouldn’t mess with a girl whose Twitter handle is “Queen Feminist.” Especially when she’s not afraid to call you on your shit and shame the absolute crap out of you. Dress codes are usually pretty dumb to begin with, but this shit is borderline idiotic. I’d like to meet the guy who tried to tear her down and introduce him to my middle finger as well. I got your back, Sylva.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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