Japanese Resort Forced To Shut Down Hot Spring Because People Won’t Stop Having Sex In It

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Don’t you hate it when you’re innocently touring a hot spring and you come across twenty or more asians mid-orgy? I know I do.

One of Japan’s most famous hot springs has become home to frequent orgies, the most recent of which reportedly included fifteen men and seven women. This size orgy is really impressive, especially when you consider the fact that the spring apparently only seats ten people comfortably.

Both tourists and locals have been reporting inappropriate behavior in the pools for awhile, but it wasn’t until the most recent romp was videotaped that they decided to shut the whole operation down. The local tourism board claims that they’re “embarrassed” about the spring’s reputation, and that the decision to close the location was a difficult one.

I really don’t see what the big deal is. Japan has had a major population decline in recent years, and these folks are clearly just doing their part to fix a population crisis. Who are we to stop them? I guess they’ll just have to invest in a hot tub, or find another natural resort to corrupt. Best of luck, you horndogs.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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