Jaded Boyfriend Wants To Sue His Ex For All Of The Money He Spent On Her And OMG It’s Insane (Photo)

Jaded ex

Being in a relationship is great. You have someone to talk to, go to lame family functions with, and for the most part, you never have to pay for food again. The bad thing about relationships is that most of them end. And that’s depressing enough, but if you’re Ninfa Zerilli, it was a little more depressing than just saying “so long” to her year-long lover, Blake Minto.

According to Daily Dot, soon after Ninfa and Blake called it quits, our leading lady received a weird AF letter. Naturally the letter went viral on Twitter, because what else would you expect?

It reads:

Please be advised that you owe Blake Minto the sum of $2,100 in reimbursement sought for expenses paid during your now estranged relationship. This will be your only chance to settle this matter before Blake Minto files suit in Small Claims Court.

Based on the foregoing, I expect payment in the amount of $2,100 made payable to

Blake Minto
313 Bitter Ex Drive
Weston, Florida 33327

no later than May 20, 2015.

If you decide to ignore this demand for payment, Blake Minto will further pursue all legal remedies without further notice to you. This letter serves as evidence that Blake Minto has attempted to resolve this matter informally.

Okay, so I might have changed the address a little bit, but other than that, that’s literally what this strange piece of mail said. To Ninfa’s horror, it was signed by the law offices of Paul Hoffman. Naturally she, and the rest of the world panicked. Is this legal? Can people do this? Will I come home to letters from all of my bitter exes asking for WAY more than $2,100?

The Daily Dot questioned it too. So they decided to give ol’ Paul Hoffman a call. Turns out, he’s never even heard of Blake, let alone agreed to represent him. He went on to say that, “This poor girl’s mother called me. ‘How can you do this?’ I had no idea what she was talking about.” Paul isn’t too concerned about this whole thing, and said if anything, he’s getting publicity out of it. Total Lawyer Move.

According to the article, Ninfa spoke out and said that the whole breakup was bad. She was being harassed. Her family felt endangered. And someone was being bitter (I’m looking at you, Blake). So it’s no shock that he created this fake letter and tried to scam her out of money. She has since released a comment on Twitter regretting the fact that things got so out of hand.

But I think the main thing we all want to know is: Can our exes do this for real? Paul Hoffman says that there’s no legal precedent for getting money back from an ex. He went on to say that “Any money you spend on someone is a gift, obviously.” Hear that? We’re not paying you back for all of the Lilly Pulitzer and trips to Chipotle. Sorry, boys. You’ll just have to accept that dating us comes with some (okay, a lot of) collateral damage.

[via Daily Dot, Twitter / @_ITSNINFA]

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