It’s Been 24 Hours And Lent Is Already Ruining (And Bettering) My Life

It's Been 24 Hours And Lent Is Already Ruining (And Bettering) My Life

Figuring out what you are going to give up for Lent can be challenging. I went through a list of 10-12 things I COULD give up for Lent before actually choosing one. My initial thought, social media. Laughable, I know. Take five seconds to think about what you would actually do with your day if social media didn’t exist. Moving on. My second choice, chocolate, but I’m on my period and that ain’t happening. Third and final choice, I decided to make it more practical and something I can use on a day to day basis. I decided I am going to give up giving a shit for Lent. I’m not sure it’s what God wanted me to do, but it has been pretty liberating in just under two days.

Now I will go on to demonstrate what it means to “give up giving a shit.” These are all real stories that have happened within the past 48 hours of my vow to God.

Friend: “I just don’t understand why James is so annoying. Everything he does annoys me. Like… I love him, but everything he does annoys me.”
Me: “You don’t love him. You just don’t want to be alone. You’ve never been single. And I can imagine it’s no less painful than having a boyfriend who gets on your nerves 24/7.”

Ex-boyfriend: “Hey, I know it’s been awhile, but just wanted to reach out. Hope you’re doing well.”
Me: “You made my life a living hell, so yes I have been doing great now that you are no longer apart of my life causing me depression and anxiety. We aren’t friends. Go away and stop messaging me on Facebook because you blocked my number when I found out you cheated on me.”

Mom: “Here’s your salad for dinner.”
Me: “Where’s the chicken?”
Mom: “Lizzie, it’s Lent, you can’t have chicken.”
Me: “You mean to tell me we are having SALAD for dinner and I can’t even have chicken in it because my family decides to practice Catholicism twice a year.”

Boss: “We have great news! We want to switch your schedule around a little bit and give you some more responsibility. This will be great experience and exposure for you!”
Me: “Am I getting a raise?”
Boss: “Well, no.*
Me: “Well, then, no.”

Friend: “Hey why did you delete our picture on Instagram?”
Me: “It didn’t get enough likes and I have a reputation to uphold.”

Teacher: “Lizzie, I don’t think you are understanding how to write this paper.”
Me: “No, I think you’re a terrible teacher and don’t explain to anyone how you want us to do anything and you should be fired.”

Fuckboy: *sends Snapchat selfie after he didn’t respond to your text.*
Me: “I think you’re a douche and your selfies are dumb.”

It’s honestly going pretty well for me at this point. I’m being open, honest, and exercising my communication skills. Some people are mad at me, but I’m thinking about permanently giving up giving a shit. Thanks, God, for showing me the way.

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