Instagram’s Newest Update Is A Total Rip-Off Of Snapchat

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Most people hate change. We hate the disruption and confusion it causes in our lives and we generally avoid change at any and all costs. Case in point: the last major Instagram update had people in an uproar, and it was a simple logo change — the actual app stayed the same but the changing icon was enough to send people into a complete frenzy. Most people can agree that you shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, but today Instagram announced a major update that is sure to upset at least a few people: Snapchat employees.

Instagram launched its own twist on Snapchat Stories. Actually, that’s a lie. It’s not even a twist. It’s a complete rip-off of Snapchat stories. They even had the audacity to use the same name: Instagram Stories.

Introducing Instagram Stories from Instagram on Vimeo.

The savagery. The concept is one that should sound familiar to anyone with a phone. It allows you to compile as many pictures and videos from your day as you want in a 24 hour period, and after that, they’re gone. You can decorate your images with text and drawings, exactly like Snapchat stories. If you’re worried about your mom or your tattletale aunt viewing your Instagram story, Instagram allows you to hide them from viewing your story, which is nice. Your friend’s stories will appear at the top of you feed in nifty little circles. I wonder where they came up with that idea?

One major difference between Snapchat stories and Instagram stories so far is that Instagram allowed you to go backward and forward within a story, which is kind of genius if you think about it. Snapchat, maybe you think about adding that feature to your app, if you’re still around in a few months. You can also search “Likers” or people who liked your photo now, which is a great tool for calling out your friends who don’t like your pictures.

Instagram also doesn’t allow you to comment or like people’s stories, which gives Snapchat the slightest leg up. If you want to comment on someone’s Instagram story, you have to either text them or comment on their most recent picture — two things I’m most definitely too lazy to do.

Although it does seem convenient to have the two features combined into one app, I just don’t know if I can support this blatantly stolen feature. The only reason I’m even kind of glad it exists is because maybe it’ll deter those annoying people who post back-to-back Instagram photos from clogging my feed.

This update adds fuel to the fire in the war between Snapchat and Instagram. Instagram just brought a gun to a knife fight, and Snapchat is going to have to outdo Instagram if they stand a chance at surviving the social media death match.

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