Instagram Just Released A New App And It’s The Best Thing Since Instagram


The fate of Instagram is about to change. Yesterday, our favorite photo sharing app turned our world upside down by creating a whole new app. And guess what? It’s actually perfect.

It’s called “Layout” and it is a game changer.

Basically, it does everything we were already doing, but better. Birthday photo colleges, flipped landscapes, and super cute but totally casual “photo booth style” photos literally take seconds. First you download that app. Search “Layout from Instagram” and you’ll find it. After waiting one second for the piece of magic to download (seriously, it was so fast), the app takes you through some super easy instructions. “Here’s how to select pictures, here’s how to flip pictures, here’s how to save pictures. The end. Let’s do this.”

And it’s the actual easiest thing in the world. You pick the photos you want first. Which is a life saver. So long picking the layout only to discover that you want more pictures, or horizontal pictures or whatever. BUT it gets better. With the “All, Faces, and Recent” photo options, finding pictures is so much easier. “Faces” literally just picks pictures that have faces in them, which is basically the only thing we use photo collages for. But, if you want to selfie, you can just hit the “photo booth” option, and it takes four selfies in a row and puts them in layouts for you. It’s a vain girl’s dream come true.

After you choose your photos, the apps comes up with custom layouts for you. CUSTOM. Like you’re some kind of boss-ass bitch. You honestly have to do zero work. You just scroll through all of the photo layout options and click your favorite one.


After that, the app takes you to a simple screen that allows you to change the size of the frames, flip pictures, or mirror the images. It’s so simple, drunk you could do it flawlessly.


After you’ve mirrored yourself like five times, you come to the last page where you have three options. “Instagram, Facebook, or More.” If you click Instagram, it automatically opens the Insta app and takes you to the filter section, so you can throw some Lo-Fi on that shit and call it a day. The whole process takes so much less time. Gone are the days of spending an hour scrolling through pictures to find ones that will fit in little frames, and then saving it, opening Instagram, recropping and giving up halfway through the process.


And after saving it or sharing it on every single form of social media, that’s it! THE END. The whole photo college process now takes minutes. Seriously. Just when we thought the selfie epidemic was getting under control, Instagram comes in with it’s new app and we’re thrown right back into a world of “But first…”

[via Techcrunch, Layout from Instagram]

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Rachel Varina

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