In Defense of Our Classless Moments

Lately there seems to be a lot of debate about “being classy” and the responsibility we have as Greeks to constantly emanate class with every fiber of our being. Obviously, sorority women on college campuses across the country are held to a higher standard than most other students- we have a specific GPA to maintain, we log significant hours working on philanthropy, and we look presentable at all times since those around us know who we are or at least which organization we’re affiliated with. Most of us who seek out sorority life are already well-rounded and were raised by good families. I think you get what I’m trying to say here…we’re good freakin’ people with our priorities in order. For this reason I say…it’s okay to not be so classy all the time. In fact, I don’t want to! Of course I’d rather be a Kate than a Kim (sex tapes and fake marriages are NOT fetch), but I highly doubt that Kate has the luxury of letting her hair down at the end of a long week, sucking down tequila shots with her besties, and passing out wherever she damn well pleases.

First of all…this is college. Let’s get drunk. I mean like, REALLY freakin’ drunk. During the day. At night. In the middle of the week, and all weekend. We’re young, we’re attractive, and money is no object. This is literally the only time in our lives that it’s acceptable to be trashed more often than not. We spend half of our time stumbling around in a drunken haze surrounded by hot boys, and hey, it’s OKAY, because at one point or another someone decided that we can go away to school and delay real life for four years. Fast forward to post grad life and this is the shit you’ll be dreaming about. Trust. Did I appear classy when I was bro-ing out in lacrosse pinnies funnelling beers from a second-story window in broad daylight? Or when I showed up to an exam mid-bar crawl with a sippy-cup margarita in hand? Probably not. Did I have a lot of fun? You betcha. I’m sure no one’s intention at the beginning of the night (or day) is to black out and make a complete fool of themselves, but sometimes it happens. Sometimes you’ll drink too much and throw it up later. Sometimes your friends will have to take care of you. Sometimes you’ll hook up with someone you shouldn’t. And sometimes, “I was drunk” really is the only excuse you have at your disposal. Live and learn.

Speaking of hooking up, what’s classy and what isn’t? In college we obviously have all sorts of temptations, especially when we throw alcohol into the mix (which we always do). Most frat guys like to rack up as high a number as possible before graduation and there’s a huge double standard when girls act in a similar way. I’m not saying we should act like them (we ARE the fairer sex for a reason, and no one wants STDs) but for the most part, if you’re stuck-up about hooking up, pull the stick out of your ass. If there’s a time to sew your wild oats, it’s probably now. I definitely don’t make one night stands a habit and I don’t think anyone should, but sometimes it happens, and guess what…it’s FUN. And sometimes we can be in a casual, non-committed sexual relationship with a fraternity “gentleman” of our choosing. It doesn’t make you a slut, or mean you don’t have class or whatever else. If the situation works for you, he respects you, and you respect yourself, who cares if you’re getting lavaliered? Excuse me for not wanting to marry every guy I meet. If you have serious religious or moral reasons against this behavior for yourself, then I respect that. But mostly, if you always find yourself judging other girls for hooking up, there’s a good chance that you’re just ugly. I always stay around my girlfriends when I’m out and am selective about who I let buy my drinks, but when I’m constantly being approached it can get really fucking exhausting fighting off suitors for the sake of my dignity. Maybe he’s cute and on that particular evening I’m in the mood for a good, sloppy, public make-out. In the morning I will laugh about it, and most people won’t remember it happened. It’s true that no man wants to marry a washed-up whore, but I’m guessing that most don’t want a boring, inexperienced wet-blanket either.

We all have our own definitions of classy and ideas about how we should act. For example, you may have noticed (you’ve definitely noticed) that I curse a lot. Like a truck driver, actually. I have no idea why this is, but it’s my thing. I own it. I don’t swear at my family dinner table, during office hours with a professor, or during job interviews. I like to wear sweatpants sometimes, or go to class in sneakers, norts and an XL shacker tee. Not “classy” per se, but if on most days I leave the house in a polished outfit with my hair and makeup done, I consider it a victory. I watch Jersey Shore because I think it’s funny. I also think Charlie Sheen is hilarious, and I can’t seem to stop watching any and all Kardashian shows even though they get paid to act like morons on national television. Whatever. I have flaws, I drink, and I have a weakness for douchey frat boys, but I still get good grades, respect my family, and am great to my friends. Be yourself, do what you like, and stop worrying about what other sorority girls say is classy or not classy. Your sisters love you regardless. And to all of you who endlessly preach about class and the perfect way to do everything…get off your high horse. You care way too much and as a result, you’re pretty damn boring. NS.

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