In An Attempt To “Make Snow,” Americans Embarrass Themselves

Engagements, Buzzfeed lists, and excessive use of hashtags: these things all need to die off of the social media scene. I finally got over the disgust of seeing everyone posing in front of a Christmas tree with their significant other, but now there’s something new I have to deal with. For whatever reason, there is a new trend in attempting to turn boiling water into snow. With the plummeting temperatures throughout the United States, people have recently discovered something referred to as ‘science’ and need you to read all about it on their Facebook page and have their mom comment on it with, “way cool!!!”

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, let me get you up to the comprehensive level of a sixth-grade science fair project. If you take a pot of boiling water on an extremely cold day and throw it into the air, the water will freeze into tiny ice crystals and appear to look like snow. Really cool party trick if your party absolutely blows.

Low and behold, it didn’t take long for the dumbest people in America to get their hands on this experiment and act out their own version of Mediocre Bill Nye. Recently, ABC reported the easy steps on how to perform this trick and told viewers that “all you have to do is bundle up, get some boiling water, and throw it out in the subzero temperatures and see what happens.” And see what happens? Let the hilarity ensue.

Between Monday and Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times wrangled up at least 50 people from different forms of social media who were injured while doing this stupid trick. From 1st degree all the way up to 3rd degree burns, people were being admitted into the local ER and then posting their horrific burns on social media for all the world to see. You know, exactly what Zuckerberg had intended it to be used for. The best part? The majority of the injured were adults. Grown-ass adults who apparently never learned what hot temperatures can do to your body. Here are some of the insightful results:

“So I did the thing where you make snow and not all the boiling water froze and now my head is burned.”
Did you throw it directly at your face?

“Blayne and I just did the boiling water thing and he accidentally threw all the BOILING water against the wind and burnt me.”
Blayne sounds like a keeper, a real sharp shooter.

“So I did that boiling water snow thing but the wind whipped it back at me and my hands are STILL burning lol I can’t hold anything.”
LOL is right. I hope you’re hands are now nubs, brainiac.

Now let this be a lesson to you, kiddos. Boiling water is hot and can burn you. There you go, you now have the same knowledge-base as a 2 year old after touching a hot stove. Go science! Now stop doing this stupid trick.

[via LA Times]

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