If Your Makeup Products Were Honest


One of the best things about being a girl is the ability to completely change your face, body, and even bone structure with makeup. It’s truly magical. With just a little bit of foundation, concealer, and bronzer, you can make strangers looking at you go from “Is that trash bin wearing leggings?” to “Wow, I didn’t know I went to school with an Instagram model.”

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Makeup is a tricky, tricky business and there’s a million ways you can go wrong. You might attempt to do a sultry, smokey eye, only to end up looking like you just got punched in the face. How could something that is supposed to make you look so pretty end up betraying you this? Makeup should be magical, but most of the time it’s a disaster. This is what your makeup products really should say.





fake lashes2


lip liner2


liquid eyeliner2

nail polish


pencil eyeliner

Thank god for makeup wipes.

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