If You Want To Stay BFFs Forever, Research Says All You Have To Do Is Get Drunk Together

If You Want To Stay BFFs Forever, Research Says All You Have To Do Is Get Drunk Together

I’ve met some of my best friends while drunk. My big became my big because she drunkenly commented on my outfit, which as you know means I have to compliment her outfit, and the rest is history. The same thing happened with my gay best friend. This fabulously dressed gay man would always dance with me at the bars and one day we decided to pregame together, and by the grace of vodka, found out we’re a BFF match made in heaven.

We laugh together, we cry together, and we spend countless nights we’ll never remember drinking together. My best college memories include them and some form of booze. Liquor brought us together, and apparently it’s what will make us stay friends in the future.

It makes sense. These people are the ones I spend a majority of my time with and who are there for me no matter what, whether I need a shoulder to cry on or a drinking buddy for the night. When college is over and we enter the real world, I’m sure we’ll tone down the drinking, but we’ll always have the memories and each other.

Researchers in France set out to test this theory that drinking is connected to health and happiness, which, duh, the amount of happy-drunk pictures I have on my phone from Friday night proves that it is. They used actual scientific measurements and a sample size of 150,000 French men and women to prove that moderate drinkers are actually some of the healthiest people, since they tend to lead active social lifestyles. The results of the study were incredibly promising:

Those who consume moderate amounts of alcohol are more likely to be less stressed, happier, slimmer and have less risk of developing heart disease.

Looks like drinking can cure almost every problem in my life. Would I call my drinking ‘moderate’? In front of my doctor, yes. It’s all about how you phrase things. Compared to a 250-pound Irish man, yes, I think my drinking would be considered moderate. That’s all just semantics, but the bottom line is drinking is good for you and it makes you carefree, happy and skinny. There’s more good news:

Importantly, the findings showed moderate alcohol consumption is a powerful general indicator of optimal social status and this could be a key reason for improved health in these subjects.

Drinking also makes you popular and gives you a bunch of friends with which to get drunk. It makes your friends like you better, and longer. It also makes you a healthy person, because you have to fit into that bodycon dress somehow. People who drink also tend to give fewer fucks, according to science, so they’re happier. Essentially, if you drink, you probably have friends that like you and like to drink with you, and together you make incredible drunk memories that cement your friendship for years to come. I’ll drink to that.

[via Metro]

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