If You Want A Faithful Boyfriend There Are Only Three Zip Codes In America Without Cheaters


As if dating weren’t hard enough already, the recent Ashley Madison hack makes it all the more discouraging. Everyone knows the best way to trap a guy in monogamy is marriage, but now what?! Is it really that difficult to sleep with only one person?! Will guys ever stop being huge giant assholes?! Well now it looks like there are only three remaining zip codes in America with eligible, faithful men.

Apparently out of the approximate 43,000 zip codes, only three of these had zero registered Ashley Madison users. So ladies, pack your bags. Here are the three locations without scumbag cheating men, well, online scumbag cheater men.

You can live in the beautiful Nikolai, Alaska with a bountiful population of 94! You can expect to find an exotic man since the town is known for its indigenous Alaskans. Don’t forget to pack your good winter coat, Nikolai gets around 60 degrees below zero in the winter!

If you’re looking for more options perhaps Perryville, Alaska is the place for you. This town is a little larger than Nikolai with a population of 113. Hope you aren’t planning on making it Facebook official. There are only 10 households in the entire town with internet!

If cold weather isn’t your thing, maybe your Mr. Right is in Polvadera, New Mexico. The town is home to 269 people and sprawls four miles of no cell reception.

There you go girls, let the hunt begin. The pickings are slim.

[via Yahoo Finance]

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