If You Haven’t Seen The Twitter Responses To “American Idol” Being Canceled, You Haven’t Lived

American Idol

The rumors are true. The show that made us think that we could become stars is finally coming to an end. Fox just released it’s 2015-2016 lineup, and one classic show is getting the boot. After fourteen seasons, “American Idol” announced that next season will be it’s last.

On one hand, it’s sort of sad. That show basically raised us. We would watch the contestants sing their hearts out, vote for our faves, and plan our audition. At one point we dreamed of a love affair with Simon. We had a crush on Ryan’s original co-host (Brian Dunkleman). We cared and cried and loved that show so effing much. And then after about five seasons we got lives and gave up on “Idol,” just like 95 percent of the population.

So on the other hand, most of us didn’t even know that the show was still being aired, let alone watched by the few stragglers left. And to be honest, besides Kelly Clarkson, that blonde country singer, and the girl who had a cameo in the “Sex and the City” movie, most of us didn’t give a shit about the other winners. Or know that people were still winning at all.

Still, it’s a day of mourning. And like any other 2015 goodbye, the world spoke out about this the only way they know how: with snarky, hilarious tweets.

Wherever you fly, I’m sure this isn’t goodbye Ryan Seacrest. I have no doubt that you’ll be interviewing people who are less famous than you for years to come. RIP “Idol.”


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