If You Hate Music Festivals You’re Probably A Miserable Person

Music Festival

I find few things more painful than music festivals. Don’t get me wrong, I love *music.* But festivals? Not for me. The crowds and crowds of smelly, slow walking people. The lack of sitting options. The painful heat and the limited access to air conditioning and chilled white wine — well, it’s just not my scene.

And according to a recent study, that might be why I’m such a stone, cold bitch.

Recently the Psychology of Music published a study stating that people who like music festivals and concerts are way, way happier than the rest of us. Assholes.

Apparently, the whole “being in a group of people and swaying to music while in a smoke-induced haze” thing isn’t new. It’s been around for ages and in lots of societies. And the reason it stays trendy is because it makes people feel good.

From Elite Daily:

The phenomenon of shared energy at festivals is attributed to what French sociologist Emile Durkheim calls “collective effervescence.” It’s basically what happens when a group of people get involved in something that allows them to communicate the same thought simultaneously while participating in the same action.

The reason you love going to these concerts (besides having an excuse to buy new clothes and getting tons of likes on your picture) is because being around people who like what you like feels good. Pretty simple. Still, something about having to sit in the grass while I sip on warm beer and listen to shitty Indie music just won’t make me happy. Sorry science, I disagree with ya.

But if anyone wants to have a festival where we sit inside a 68 degree room with blankets, alcohol, pizza, and “Harry Potter” holla at me. Until then I’ll pass on the music festivals. I’d rather be miserable inside than miserable outside, and $300 down.

[via Elite Daily]

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