If You “Don’t Care What Guys Think” You’re The Worst Kind Of Person

Die alone

“I don’t care what guys think. I’m not going to change who I am, just so I can have a boyfriend.”

Sound familiar? If you’ve ever so much as glanced in the comment section of one of our articles, you’ll see it. Pissed off girls getting angry at columns about sex tips, “how to make your boyfriend happy,” or explaining why they’re single. And I get it. You want to be with a guy who loves YOU. You want him to think that you’re unique and perfect whether you’re fat (yes. Fat. Calm down), skinny, big boobed, flat chested, blonde, brunette, blah blah blah.

But the unfair truth is that guys have opinions. Annoying, right? Not just that, they have opinions about OUR bodies! And even though we totallyyyyy don’t care, Huffington Post decided to find out, once and for all how men feel about our vagina hair. Because it’s important. Obviously. They surveyed over 5,000 guys to find out their personal preferences: “Bush, or no bush.”

What Do You Fine Attractive When It Comes To Women’s Pubic Hair?
41 percent want it completely bare.
38 percent want it trimmed and well groomed, but prefer a little hair.
15 percent have no preference as long as she feels sexy.
5 percent want it all natural.
1 percent want other (whatever that means).

Have You Ever Ended A Date/Sex Early Because Of A Woman’s Pubic Hair Grooming Choices?
91 percent say “no.”
9 percent say “yes.”

Do You Feel Pressure To Groom Your Own Public Hair?
48 percent didn’t feel pressure, but they like to be well groomed.
20 percent felt that is she was grooming for him, then he should return the favor.
20 percent said that yes, they feel like it’s expected nowadays.
12 percent said no.

So, what does this mean? Different guys prefer different things, obviously. But what does this mean to you? That you should go shave off your 1970s bush just because 3 percent more guys don’t like it? Fuck no. But you also shouldn’t completely disregard it. How horrible of me, right? The thing is, saying “we don’t care” is kind of hypocritical. Sure, it’s easy to say “I don’t care what they want” but what if they said that to us? What if guys said “I don’t care that she wants me to match her when we go to a formal event, or call her when I go to sleep.” We would be turned off, upset, and feel utterly disrespected.

Because at the end of the day, if you don’t want to end up alone (and most of us don’t), you need to find someone who loves you. So no, you shouldn’t care what “guys” think. But you should care what your partner thinks. Or someone who you want to be your partner. That doesn’t mean changing who you are. It means respecting their happiness and wanting to please them, as well as yourself. Attract someone who is attracted to you, but don’t disregard their wants. If you ever hope to tell your future boyfriend to change his shirt, go to a romantic movie with you, or yes, trim the downstairs, you can’t be a hypocrite. Sure, it’s annoying but do you know what’s even more annoying? Dying alone.

[via Huffington Post]

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