If “The Mindy Project” Characters Were Greek

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The Mindy Project is one of the best shows out there. It follows a young-ish doctor with a killer fashion sense and unlimited funds who live in the heart of NYC. She’s everybody’s #goals, minus the several years of med school it took her to get there. We can all relate to Mindy in more ways than one, and just imagine how great it would be if these characters were Greek.


Mindy is the preppy recruitment chair. She eats, sleeps and breathes her sorority. She is involved in other societies around campus and maintains a 4.0 GPA. Everyone knows who she is. Her style matches her personality and she always looks fab. She has almost as many littles as Tinder matches. Becoming sweetheart is on her bucket list and she plans she on being president next year and no one is going to be able to stop her.


Danny is the president of your favorite fraternity. He is a senior and he doesn’t care about anything other than his CrossFit routine. He’s cocky AF and kind of an asshole but no one really cares because he looks like he’s part of the “Magic Mike” cast. He’s majoring in pre-med and as soon as he graduates, he’s off to an Ivy League med school. All the girls want him and all the guys want to be him. He doesn’t have a girlfriend because he “doesn’t believe in love,” but you secretly fantasize about being the girl to change him.


Morgan is that one weird guy who somehow ended up in a top tier fraternity. He’s annoying and everyone kind of hates him but also loves him. He has good intentions, which makes him the perfect friend to walk you home from frat parties at night. He’s the life of the party and always has an inappropriate joke to tell. He’s not as #blessed financially as everyone else, so he has a lot of student loans. He still decided to live in the frat house because he can’t imagine being away from his bros.


Tamera is that one legacy who doesn’t really want to be there. Her mom works at nationals, so everyone’s forced to deal with her. She’s the most ungrateful new member ever but she somehow always gets her way. All the boys like her and all of the girls are jealous of her. Last week, she left chapter early to go get her nails done.


Jody is living in Danny’s shadow. He’s sweeter than Danny and actually pays attention to people but he somehow isn’t liked as much. As soon as Danny graduates Jody is heading for the presidency. Being from a hella rich fam makes him husband material, which means he has no problem getting laid. He’s been having trouble lately because of rumors going around campus that he had chlamydia. He isn’t too worried about it, though, because shit happens and people forget.


Colette is a guys’ girl. She is friends with every frat boy out there. She spends more time at frat houses than with her sisters. She’s a generally nice person and an A+ wing woman. Who needs to creep their crush on social media when they have Colette? Everyone loves her. She’s even been sweetheart of a couple fraternities.


She’s that annoying alumni who shows up to everything. She peaked in college and just wants to relive it as much as she can. Everyone is used to her presence and weird comments. She tells the same stories over and over, but everyone has learned how to tune her out. No one knows if she has a life outside of the sorority and they don’t care enough to ask.

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