If Disney Princesses Had Moms (Hilarious Photos)

Disney Princess

Disney princesses are great. They all have perfect hair, get to do whatever the hell they want, and always end up with the perfect off-limits guy. The one thing I never considered is how. How did they manage to run away from home for so long? Why did they stay with the guy who lied to them (despite his abs)? Why was no one there to be like “hold up bitch, you have some explaining to do?”

Because none of the princesses have mothers. Why? I don’t know. It could be because Walt Disney’s own mother passed away. It could be because girls without mothers seem to grow up just a bit faster. It could be because if moms were there, these princesses wouldn’t have gotten away with most of the shit they did. So writer Emily Heller and illustrator Amy Kim decided to change that. They took it upon themselves to give us a peek at what life would have been like for these ladies had their mommas been in the picture.

First published on CollegeHumor these images are so spot on, it hurts.




Oh moms. Thanks for always having our backs, even if that means we don’t get to be princesses. At least we didn’t marry a guy who lied about being royality just to get in our pants, you know? For more laughs, view the rest of the photos here.

[via CollegeHumor]

Images via CollegeHumor / Amy Kim.

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