Idiot Guy Gives Terrible Proposal, Girl Just Pretends It Never Happened


When it comes to proposals, girls have plans. Big plans. Totally-out-of-the-budget-and-there’s-no-way-a-guy-would-think-of-it plans. They usually involve some sort of beautiful background, a heartfelt speech, maybe an audience. There’s always a professional photographer waiting in the wings and if some sort of castle isn’t involved he better have the rock to make up for it. And quite possibly a pony. I’m not saying it’s realistic, but it is what’s in our minds.

That being said, one guy recently posted to Reddit about his failed proposal to his girlfriend(?). Unfortunately, he has since deleted the original post because of the amount of virtual shit that got thrown at him for being a weenie. But never fear. Daily Mail got to it first, and it. is. a doozie.

Basically, a 25-year-old guy named Logan decided to propose to his 24-year-old girlfriend, Taylor. Logan describes her as a girl who “lives a lavish lifestyle” to which I can say yes. Obviously. Good for her. Anyway, he knows this about her and after dating her for awhile knows what she likes. But that’s beside the point. It wasn’t until her friends started landing rings that she talked about getting engaged. And when her best friend had an Instagram-worthy proposal in front of a castle (I told you! Castles, man), Taylor started getting serious about wanting to get a ring herself.

Now in girl speak, this is all totally normal. Once people we know get engaged, it opens the conversation and we can tell our boyfriends what we want. And since we’ve accepted that guys aren’t mind readers, we’ve gotten to the point where we are very blunt about what we want. For the most part, guys thank us for this. I mean, Pinterest boards with gift ideas? Saying what we want to watch on TV? Where to put their faces during sex? We know that the secret to a good relationship is just saying what we want.

But ole Logan decided to completely disregard that.

When Taylor started talking about her dream proposal (and her dream ring and what she would be wearing and where it should be) Logan didn’t exactly take notes. Like at all. When the couple went to Europe on a trip, he knew that she wanted him to pose at the Eiffel tower, because fucking duh. Everyone wants to be proposed to at the Eiffel tower. But when they were there, he decided not to do it. It turns out Logan doesn’t like crowds, and he felt like she cared more about the proposal than the marriage. He even went so far as to say “it’s my proposal too.”

And sure Logan. I hear what you’re saying. But the thing is, you know the proposal is going to happen. You know when and how and what she’s going to be wearing because you’re the one steering the freaking ship. And the point of a proposal? Is for a guy to show you how much he loves and *gets* you before asking you to have sex with him forever. It’s not the time to be a little bitch and whine about the fact that you want to have a say too. That’s why groom’s cakes were invented.

So anyway, the couple is in France. At the most romantic place in the world, but Logan chooses not to pop the question. What does he do instead? He takes her to some small fucking town in the south where they can, and I quote “have nature, the sound of the waves crashing, and just get[ting] away from the city life.” If that doesn’t sound like the exact opposite of what Taylor wanted, he also didn’t hire a photographer because “it wasn’t worth it.”

Logan gets down on one knee with a ring (it was, at least, the ring she wanted) and asked her to be his wife. No cameras. No audience. No dreamy, romantic location. And what does she do?

She rightfully starts sobbing and says that “This is a horrible joke” and that he ruined it for her. And now? She’s talking about rings and pretending the whole thing never happened. And for once, instead of people being like “she’s a spoiled bitch” or whatever, people are coming down on Logan.

In his defense, sure. It sounds like she might be a bit materialistic and bitchy. Whatever. But what did he expect to happen? She’s talking about her dream proposal and instead of having an adult discussion about it, he decides to go against literally everything she dreamed about. And come on. No one to take a picture? What is this, amateur hour? I think what it all comes down to is that this couple is doomed to fail. That’s just a given. Second of all, guys — if a girl tells you her dream proposal, and you purposely do the exact opposite, don’t expect her to drop to her knees ever again. It’s not that you need to give her exactly what she wants because odds are that will take all of your savings. But if you’re actually thinking of signing your life away, ask her what she wants. Spoil her. Put your fucking ego aside. This isn’t the time to be selfish. This is the time to confess your love in front of 200 strangers at Disney World.

Because everyone knows, the only thing worse than marrying the wrong guy is having the wrong proposal. And Taylor? It looks like she was getting both.

[via Daily Mail]

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