I Slept With A Guy In Every Fraternity To Save My Sorority’s Reputation


Don’t get me wrong, I love my sorority and (almost) all of my sisters, but there were a lot of things I didn’t quite love when I first received my bid. My sorority had only been at my school for two years and we didn’t quite have a reputation. We had a good mix of hot girls and not so hot girls. Two of my closest pledge sisters and I considered ourselves to be the best looking three of our pledge class. I know this is pretty shallow and conceited, but it was the truth. We weren’t as awkward as some of our other sisters, and we definitely knew how to handle our liquor unlike many of the other freshmen girls new to the college bar scene.

But the truth was that no one liked my sorority. All the other sororities thought we stole their girls when we came to campus, and many of them resented us. The fraternities thought we had a bunch of weird, prude girls and our first two mixers could be compared to a children’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese with the pizza, bad music, and lack of alcohol. I didn’t like being associated with such a “boring” sorority, but I loved my sisters too much to let their opinions get to me too much.

We decided that enough was enough. We were going to make sure our sorority was not bottom tier anymore. It seemed like the best way to make sure we quickly rose to the top was to sleep with a guy in each fraternity and make sure that they definitely wanted to mingle with our sorority more often. Our school had only eight fraternities, so this was something we could complete by finals week. To us, this was a foolproof plan. What college guy doesn’t want sex, especially from three hot freshmen with daddy issues? We pulled out our Lilly planners to see when we had a mixer with each fraternity. Luckily for us, our social chair scheduled at least two events a week with different fraternities.

We decided to start with the top tier frats first. They had girls coming at them from all directions, and they usually only hung out with the top tier sorority. That upcoming weekend, we had a mixer with the top two. That Friday, my friends and I put on our hottest school girl clothes (luckily for us, it was Mathletes vs. Athletes), downed a bottle of wine and 3 shots each, and called the Uber.

The rest of the weekend was a blur, but by Monday morning, we all had accomplished phase one of our plan. We all slept with a guy in the top two frats on campus. This confidence boost helped us to make rounds at all of the fraternities. By semiformal, we all had completed our quest. And that’s when our efforts were starting to get noticed. We were all getting asked to almost every fraternity’s semi and guys were the ones dropping hints that they wanted to go to ours. Was this because they thought we were easy hoes? Probs, but it was totally worth it. One friend got to go to Nashville for the weekend, the other stayed in a cabin by the lake with unlimited amounts of wine, and I got to relax in a hot tub drinking mimosas the week before finals. We didn’t even need to flash our shitty fakes at the bouncers anymore; they would see us coming and hold the door wide open for us. We were living the life.

By the next semester, we were getting invited to invite-only alumni parties and somehow the secret booze stash always found its way out of the basement and into our hands. Our whole sorority was reaping the benefits. Our social chair couldn’t stop talking about how many frats wanted to have events with us we couldn’t possibly fit them all in. Some of our strangest sisters scored hot dates for formal. Our rival sororities began to envy us, and by fall we had more pledges than any other sorority. We tried our best to keep what we were doing under wraps, and not too many people were suspicious.

The way we look at it, we were only doing what was necessary for our sorority to survive. Sure, we all had our run-ins with standards, but I think that they appreciated all the hard work we were doing. If only we could have signed those hours off as community service.

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