I Never Took A Spring Break Trip To PCB, And Now I Feel Left Out

The time was my freshman year, and little did I know what I was getting myself into. Or should I say, not getting myself into. Being the broke college student that I was (and basically still am), I had shut out the idea of going anywhere for spring break. I could just as easily lay out and get drunk by the local apartment ~resort-style~ pools, and I could do it for free.

But when of my friends said they had a last minute spot open up, and I could go for free, I hopped on it. I took all of my thirteen dollars, a pair of trusty high-waisted shorts (to try and conceal that pesky Freshman 15), and hit the road. Sadly in my excitement to get out of town, I didn’t put much thought into the destination. Yes it was a beach, but it wasn’t exactly the crazy college spring break of my dreams. The water was murky. There were locals everywhere. And with thirteen dollars, there wasn’t much I could do. At the end of the trip, I found myself sunburnt and disappointed.

If I could go back and do it again, I would tell shout to my naive self, “GO TO PCB!!!” It is an unwritten law that PCB is a spring break rite of passage, and I sadly was not informed (which I’m sure my parents were pleased about). So while your planning your last-minute spring break trips, hear my plea. Go to PCB. There’s no place quite like the crazed, packed, wild beaches of Panama City Beach.

I also wish I would have known that planning a spring break trip doesn’t even have to be stressful. Who knew?! StudentCity has your entire trip planned out for you. *insert prayer hand emojis* StudentCity has exclusive access to the best bars, pool/beach parties, concerts (Hi Steve Aoki and Brett Eldredge), and free beer at Club La Vela the largest (!) club (!!) in the country(!!!), and by the pool. Speaking of free, there’s also free entry (lol boys) and free drinks at the bars and nightclubs. There are 15+ hours of free drinks at the daily pool parties. But my personal favorite? Free buffet dinner. My thirteen dollars would’ve been so relieved.

If you want more info (duh), then just fill out this form and visit!

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