I Just Realized I’m The Bad Roommate


Everyone’s biggest fear when going to college is having a bad roommate, but I promise you it’s even scarier when you realize you are that bad roommate. I realized that I was a nightmare to live with sometime during my junior year. I used to come home drunk at 2 a.m. at least once a week screaming “OMG I just had the best night ever!” and at some point my roommate stopped laughing and started telling me to shut the fuck up because she had an 8:30 class the next morning and didn’t care about my best night ever.

I really started becoming a bad roommate when we moved off campus and I got too comfortable because I knew my roommates couldn’t move out once we’d signed a lease. I knew that one of my roommates might be mad I got drunk and ate all her leftover tacos from her favorite restaurant, but she won’t hate me and I can always buy her more tacos.

My other roommate might have gotten really mad at me when I finished all of her parmesan cheese, but like I couldn’t eat my pasta without it and I know she didn’t want me to starve. I ended up just texting the group chat every once in awhile saying “make a list of everything I stole from you because I’m finally going food shopping” (I assume that should make up for it).

My bad behavior really spiraled out of control when I took a little and became crafting crazy. I got paint on the floor, the walls, the dining room table, the back porch, and even the front steps. The sink would always have paint in it from me washing my hands and paint brushes and one time I even stained my roommate’s plates with black paint. She was not happy about that, at all. I started inviting my sisters who were also taking littles to come over to craft (AKA drink wine) with me. This resulted in the house always being loud and messy, which apparently isn’t cool when you live with other people.

Honestly, I really think my roommates should have known what they were getting into with me from day one of freshmen year. Within the first semester, I got in trouble with the RA multiple times for being drunk and too loud. I was also the one who fell down an entire flight of stairs while drunkenly running from my other RA. The biggest warning sign should have been when I had a hangover and threw up all over the steps of our freshmen year dorm. Coincidentally that was the same day they signed up to be my roommates for the next year.

I may annoy my roommates most of the time, but I feel like they appreciate the fact that I’m aware of how awful I am to live with. I always apologize when I ask them to leave the door unlocked because I lost my keys and I always say thank you when one of them chauffeurs me around because I’m too drunk to drive.

One roommate might have yelled at me when I suggested we should seriously consider getting a dog, but I know deep down she actually loves me and realizes I would be much happier with a puppy in my life. (It should be noted that I didn’t get the dog.) I guess all I can do now that I know I’m a bad roommate is not steal their alcohol and continue to buy them Taco Bell when I mess up (sometimes Starbucks when I mess up really bad).

At the end of the day I’m sure my roommates actually like living with me because I’m really a fun time, or at least that’s why I think they signed a lease to live with me again next year.

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Lover of wine, giraffes, and green tea. I wish crafting was a major or that I could drop out of school and travel the world. My sorority superlative is that I always throw the best parties everrrr!

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