I Don’t Know How I Feel About Kim’s New Aesthetic

I Don't Know How I Feel About Kim's New Aesthetic

The new year has been pretty dope so far. Due to a diet that will last about one more week, most of us have lost the holiday weight, we finally don’t have to hear awful and unoriginal “2016” jokes any more, and most importantly, Kim Kardashian West has returned to social media. But with all this newness, I can’t help but deny there is a new aesthetic. For those of you like my friend Dillon, who don’t fully grasp the concept, when I say aesthetic, I specifically mean the overall cohesive look and feel of Kim’s Instagram account.

While she’s experimented with a few different Instagram looks, Kim’s been defaulting for awhile to a mostly tan and black overall vibe, with high quality images, dark-ish backgrounds, and warm-neutral tones, with an emphasis on fashion and sex appeal.

Old Aesthetic

What we see before us now is an entirely different ballgame.

New Aesthetic

Frankly, I’m not sure if I get it. I think she’s trying to say that she’s a new person, focusing on minimalism and family. You hardly see Kim’s face in any of the photos, and when you do, it’s without makeup, which is super different than the full glam Kimmy we’re used to. The new photo series is thanks to photographer Eli Russell Linnetz. And while he’s clearly very skilled at his craft, I really don’t know how I feel.

The grainy quality, the ugly green tones, the weird AF peasant couch that surely doesn’t belong in Kim’s home? It all feels wrong.

The great Miley Cyrus once said of her new haircut and drastically new appearance, “People need to see change.” And she was right. No one took MiCy seriously when she simply told us she couldn’t be tamed, but when we saw it, physically, via a fucking haircut, everyone was like OMG, WOW, EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT NOW, HANNAH MONTANNA HAS DIED.

And I suppose Kim might be trying to do the same thing. Change her image. Let us all know that her focus, both digitally, and in real life, has shifted. But the only difference is, changing your Instagram aesthetic to reflect a new personal brand? That’s kind of still exactly the fucking same. Just with less tits.

Overall, I feel conflicted. Kim should do what she wants. I respect the move. But I loved the glam. Maybe it just goes to show that Kylie really is the new King.

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