I Can’t Stop Watching Kylie Jenner’s Hella Expensive Journey Through Sephora


I dream that one day, I can be half the woman a Kardashian is. They are rich, powerful, hot as fuck and truly prove that blood is thicker than water, botox, scandals, lies, betrayal and reality television. Despite the pretty awful taste they have in men, almost all of them have their lives together.

So in an attempt to spice up my existence, I try to emulate the family in everything I do. But emulating Khloé would require working out, Kourt has kids, and being Kim means I have to get down and dirty on camera. Honestly, the only sister who I can truly relate to is the king, Kylie herself. She and I are very similar. She runs what is possibly a stolen, obviously overpriced makeup line. I’ve stolen more extremely overpriced fraternity composites than I can count. She has her own house, I have an apartment that my parents co-signed on. She dated a rapper, I’ve dated an aspiring rapper. King Kylie has also been financially independent since she was fifteen and so have I, but more in the sense that my need for independence meant I stopped asking my mom for money and started to take it out of her purse. Basically, we have lived parallel lives.

And that’s not where the similarities stop, either. She and I are both fans of makeup, as evidenced by the fact that I love it so much I often sleep with it on and Kylie’s face is worth more than my tuition. She decided to slum it and take herself on a nice little trip to Sephora.

First, she ran into her sister…

… and one of her friends!

She picked up an adorable blush and contour palette, because she is a Kardashian, after all.

And then some more blushes, because the King is after that bashfully embarrassed look.

She was even convinced she should buy a product she didn’t want or need!

Then off she went, to continue doing more totally normal, down to earth 18-year-old activities.

It’s true, everyone – celebs are just like us!

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