I Accidentally Took A Random Girl Home And She Left My House Naked

I Accidentally Took A Random Girl Home And She Left My House Naked

One chilly Friday night, I was a little too drunk and lost my group of friends somewhere in a frat house. It was late and I wasn’t up for the search, so I decided to leave and go to a frat house I knew one of my girlfriends would be chilling in. After finding her and letting the alcohol get the best of my emotions, I headed to the bathroom to clean myself up. I don’t remember how, but I started talking to a girl in there who lost her friends and was alone. She was obviously wasted, and I was determined to help and make sure she got back to her dorm safe and as soon as possible.

She told me her name was Erica and that she lived in a dorm building close to mine and the frat house. With the smell of alcohol pungent on her breath, she could hardly stand on her own. I knew this would be a tough task. I took her arm and put it around my shoulder while steadying her with my other arm on her waist, and started guiding her towards the exit. Getting her out of the house was one of the biggest hurdles of the night. Not only was Erica plastered, but I was by no means sober, and she was determined to keep partying. I filled her head with empty promises that we could keep partying in her dorm and smoke the weed she begged to smoke when we got back.

I welcomed the crisp, fresh air into my lungs, happy to forget the musky air of the frat house. We started our journey to her dorm, passing two police officers on the way, who were thankfully, pretty chill. On the way, Erica kept telling me her boyfriend was mad at her. In the middle of a large grassy area, less than a minute from her dorm, I asked why.


She collapsed to the ground, tears and makeup running down her face. She laid on her back, hands covering her face. Not really knowing what to do, I laid down next to her and tried to calm her.

“Hey hey, it’s okay!”

“No, he’s soooo mad.”

“Well you know what, he doesn’t deserve you. You are such a beautiful person, you deserve so much better than him!”


“You know what, you should just break up with him. Right now. You shouldn’t be with a guy who makes you feel this shitty.”

“But I can’t!”

“Why not?”

“‘Cause he’s hot.”

I let out a laugh. I had no idea what Erica had done to piss off her boyfriend, but I was just trying to make her feel better so we could get off the cold ground and I could get her back to her dorm.

“Erica, hun, you are so beautiful, you are such a great person, you don’t need a guy who makes you feel like this.”

“Really?” she sniffled.

“Yes! Now let’s get you up and we can hug it out.”

After our hug sesh, we started the short walk to her dorm. What should have been a quick five-minute walk from the fraternity to her dorm turned out to be a twenty-minute marathon. Once we finally made it to her dorm building, I asked Erica to get her key card out to unlock the building doors.

“Uh, I don’t have it.”

Well fuck. Now what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t just leave her out in the cold. The only thing I could do was bring her back to my dorm. Thankfully, it was only a short walk away.

Once we got in, I put her on the futon under my loft. As I sat her down, her body decided then was a good time to vomit on my arm and futon. It wasn’t too much, and I had a futon cover. My drunk self didn’t care too much about it, but I quickly grabbed my pomegranate exfoliating body wash and headed to the bathroom to wash my arm in a sink. Some of the vomit got on her sweater, so when I returned she had taken it off and passed out. I was about to pass out myself, but first I put my PJs on and put a blanket on her, hoping my roommate didn’t wake up from all the commotion.

I climbed up my loft, hit the pillow, and I was out.

I woke up the next morning at 8:14 with a slight headache, wondering why my door was wide open. Then I remembered the events of the previous night and quickly peered over the edge of my loft.

Erica’s sweater, pants, underpants, socks, shoes, and purse laid scattered across my dorm floor, but Erica was gone. I got down from my bed and checked the whole floor, bathroom, and staircases for her. I figured that she probably took some clothes to wear home, so I checked my dresser, but nothing was missing. I figured “well, I guess there’s a naked girl running around campus!”

Later that day, My roommate noticed her jacket missing. I used the limited knowledge I had about Erica to search through the school directory and Facebook to find more info about her. After awhile, I had finally found her. The directory gave her dorm room number, so I packed all her things in a plastic bag and brought them over, only to meet a pissed off, disoriented girl who didn’t understand why I had her clothes.

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