Hysterical Dad Copies Daughter’s Selfies Perfectly

dad copies daughter's selfies

Parents and social media don’t usually mix. For the most part, we are able to hide away from our parents are scrounge for attention from anyone who will give it to us. Our obsession with taking pictures of our faces will never be understood by older generations. They can only be acknowledged through disparaging looks and mockery. One dad’s mockery was so masterful that his daughter couldn’t help but share it.

Oh. My god. So many questions.

  • How did he get this picture?
  • What gave him the idea to do this?
  • How did he present her with this prank?
  • How long did it take for him to prepare for this picture?
  • How many pictures did he have to take before he go the right one?
  • What kind of wild Superman pants are those?
  • Is this the first time he has taken a picture like his daughter?
  • It that really a tattoo on her stomach?
  • Could she really be that upset about it if she posted it on Twitter?

Before we could get any of those questions answered, Cassie posted another picture, but this time, her dad had an ivy crown.

If he harasses her on social media, hopefully most of his jeering has to do with those tattoos. Goodness, those things are somethin’ else. Hopefully these paternal portraits will keep being posted. I have a feeling this girl will give her dad plenty of material in the future.

[via Distractify]

Image via Twitter

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