Howard University Sorority Girls Sue Because They Can’t Wear Pink

Howard University sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha is being sued by two former pledges, Laurin Compton and Lauren Cofield for hazing allegations. Members of Compton and Cofield’s pledge class were forbidden from wearing the sorority’s colors, pink and green, or colors that could be blended to make the sorority’s colors such as red with white, or blue with yellow. Oh, the inhumanity. The were even prohibited from wearing the sorority’s jewel, the pearl.

To this I say…so what? It’s a probationary period during which the members are supposed to earn their admittance to the organization, and sacrifice a few privileges during the time to show they’re not yet members is hardly a big deal. Some sororities aren’t allowed to look pretty the entire time between bid day and initiation – no makeup, no dresses, no jeans, no hair product…for like 6 weeks. I have NO idea why an organization would want its babies to look ugly, but that’s way more serious than not being able to tote your sorority’s symbols before initiation. Besides, if you want to see some real hazing, talk to any penis-having person who is now a member of a Greek organization. The fact that you’re bitching about not being able to wear pink for the next couple of Wednesdays is embarrassing.

The girls were also “forced” to pick actives up from the airport. Umm….so? The girls needed a ride home from the airport, why wouldn’t you be trying to impress them? Any sister would do that favor. The only semi-serious allegation is that the pledges weren’t allowed to talk to non-sorority members until initiation, but the way I see it, that was bound to happen eventually anyway. Compton’s mother reports that the new members were referred to as “weak bitches.” Honey, that’s not hazing, that’s a drunk senior on her period.

Apparently, the girls were ostracized after they exposed their sorority’s “hazing” traditions and sued them for having a few pre-membership conditions. You don’t say! In addition to money, the plaintiffs are demanding that the sorority is either forced to accept Compton and Cofield as members, or prohibited from accepting any new members at all. A verdict has not been reached, but all I have to say is props to AKA for clearly being so hot that even after they were so “horrible” to pledges, they still want to be members, or to deny membership to everyone.

And now we know why sororities don’t haze.

[via Huffington Post]

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