How To Train Your Boyfriend: Make Him Love Your Favorite Shows

Train Boyfriend

Three hours into a successful Hulu marathon of The Mindy Project, I can finally say I have done the impossible – I have convinced my weight-lifting, steak-grilling, beer-drinking boyfriend to love my favorite female-centered comedy show. What is this magic, you say? Follow my fool-proof steps, and you too will never have to suffer through a WWE marathon ever again.

Do Nice Things For Him
Just like every good thing that comes in life, this process starts with good, old-fashioned manipulation. Come over for dinner with pizza and beer in tow. Tell him that it’s totally fine if he plays video games while you’re hanging out together. Fold his underwear just like his mom does. You may even want to give him a blow job. No matter what it is, do something you wouldn’t normally do to make your boyfriend think, “Wow, I really do have the best girlfriend ever.” Side note: this is also the beginning step to getting flowers, a puppy, or an engagement ring. Know it. Memorize it. Live it.

Get “Caught” Watching Your Show
Boys are like puppies –- they get excited easily, they play with their balls, and they only have short-term memory. Within twenty-four hours of completing step 1, you should plan to have your boyfriend “catch” you watching your show before he forgets the awesome thing you just did for him. Ideally, you’ll be in the middle of watching your show when your boyfriend comes home. Put on your best guilty face — you know, the one you use when you need your dad to transfer your money to your account –- and go, “Oh, I’m sorry…I can change it if you want?” To return the favor, he’ll tell you to keep watching. Keep him in the room with you. You’re almost there.

Have Something In It For Him
It’s likely that you have somewhere between 5-10 different shows that you would be super embarrassed for anyone, especially your boyfriend, to catch you watching. The key to making this plan a success is to start out with a show that has something in it for your guy. Is there an actor in any of your shows that he likes from one of those superhero movies he always insists on watching? Does he like comedy shows? Great – put on Friends. And ladies, I hate to say it, but we all know what’s in it for him if you put on The Bachelor. Honestly, it’s whatever works. Pick a show that somehow has a hook for him.

If you’ve followed all of my steps, you’re in position to profit. Your boyfriend thinks he’s never wrong, so he’ll never openly admit that you actually do have good taste in TV shows. However, you’ll know you’ve won when you see the following indicators:
• You catch him looking up from whatever he’s doing to catch parts of the show.
• You hear little chuckles at some of the jokes, and finally.
• He doesn’t protest when the next episode comes on autoplay.

There you have it, ladies: You have now successfully trained your boyfriend to relinquish control of the remote. Let him pick the occasional Netflix documentary about Wall Street when you’re about to fall asleep so he thinks he’s still in control, but give it a month, and you can probably even delete his Netflix profile.

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