How To Safely Send Nudes


I really just want to start this with a big fat DON’T. But let’s be real, horny adolescents will be horny adolescents, and they will send nudes. So instead of pretending as if these things don’t happen by shutting our eyes and turning our cheeks, let’s take precaution by teaching the safe-ish ways to go about sending those pictures. *Winky face emoji.*

Snapchat Is Not Your Friend

But pay attention to who his snapchat BFFs are.
I don’t care what they say, the creators of Snapchat can swear up and down that your snaps won’t be seen by others, but I still refuse to trust them. And even if they are safe, the lucky guy on the receiving end of that skanky snap can easily screenshot it. And isn’t that worse? Trying to play it safe by only sending it for five seconds, only to find out he made sure he had it saved away in his spank bank app? That is an app right? It’s just too risky without being sure.

Face Your Fears

But don’t show yours.
Taking nudes is kind of a big deal. Whether it’s for your boyfriend, a new hookup, or a group chat with your best friends (other girls send nudes to their friends, right?), it’s special. This is you at your most vulnerable. You’re naked while contorting your body in an awkward angle. This isn’t an everyday thing for everyone to see. And it’s important to realize this. Talk about it with him/her/them, write about this new experience, and make sure you’re comfortable with this next step in your sexual life. Don’t let anyone force you into this. The worst thing you can do is regret pressing that send button before the picture is even taken. But if it is something you’re really into, and you’re not afraid of the consequences, face your fears and go for it! But don’t show your face, that’s a little too much skin for one picture.

Send It To Someone Special

Not just anyone who tells you you’re special.
Like I said before, sending a nude is a big deal, and the person receiving this picture should be a big deal too. No, they don’t have to be your boyfriend, you don’t have to have known them for x amount of time, and they don’t need to be the one. But you do have to trust them. Yes, lots of people break our hearts, promises, and hymens, but you have the power to prevent that. If there is even an inkling of doubt that they’ll release the picture to the public, don’t go through with it. With that being said, make sure they are one of the lucky few. Your nudes are one in a million, so he better be pretty awesome to deserve one of these.

Get Ready For That Close-Up

Not too close. Ew.
The strategy to taking the perfect nudes is all about angle. Tilting the your phone camera correctly and sticking your butt out can make your ass appear 5x bigger than it actually is. Or lay down and stretch your body so he gets a nice view of everything. No matter how you take your nude, make it your best. Play around with a few positions and angles, practice makes perfect. This is not the time or place to slack off. After all, what if it does get out? Then there’s just a naked face-less picture of you floating around, but who really cares? You’re hot! And you can do whatever you want with your body.

If you got it, flaunt it. It’s not like you have a political career to protect.

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