How To Out Your Cheating Boyfriend Like A Boss


I always internally chuckle when I hear the term “trophy wife.” While I think that living a luxurious lifestyle with a cute family is nice, I prefer to set my goals a little higher. I am going to be a trophy ex-wife. All the money, the same nice house, and maybe even a few kids, but I will be free from the shackles of my significant other. And as it would turn out, a woman rightfully decided that she wanted to do the same.

In a letter submitted to TheLADBible, an unnamed woman essentially bitches out her husband, Richard, for being a cheating bastard. Fair enough. But it gets better. The letter was addressed to the husband of Richard’s mistress, and it would appear that the two couples are neighbors with one another. Now, I thought that my creeping skills were up to par, but the author of the letter blew me straight out of the water. She cites multiple dates during which Richard and his lady friend hooked up, which spanned about a sixth-month period. She even knew the number of times that the illicit pair had sex during their individual dates.

Here’s the letter, transcribed from TheLADBible:

To The Husband

I need to tell you that I have spoken to your wife _____ (also known as _____) many times between 9am Wednesday, 6 July 2016 until 4pm, Saturday 9 June 2016 — by text, e-mail and telephone.

Her telephone number is _____. Her e-mail address is ______. She is 36 years old and you have a __ year old daughter together named ____ who your wife had difficulty conceiving.

I feel compelled to tell you everything so that you are not taken for a fool like I have been — and because I am very very angry!

I live in ____ with my partner of 6 years — Richard. I have loved him very much until I found out that Richard & _______ — your wife — have been having an affair since February 2016 until Wednesday, July 6th 2016 — when I found out because of 2 missed telephone calls she had made to him on Monday 4th and Wednesday 6th July. They text daily; e-mail each other and talk on the telephone. His number was _________ if you want to check her records — but I suspect that this won’t be necessary once you have read my evidence.

Your wife took much delight in telling me every last sordid detail of their affair in her cruel & boasting manner!

For such an “intelligent” woman she had made many mistakes, not least by sharing all these details with me.

She started by boasting and being hurtful to me saying she was ‘ooooh so much younger thank you’ — (meaning I am __ Richard is __) showing off that they had met 4 times but had sex up to 3 times each time they met; then continued to tell me that she is a ‘clever, university educated woman with a degree who is unhappy about being lied to by Richard because she had agreed to be his Mistress for the foreseeable future.’ She showed no remorse for her wrongs to me or you, and she said that she was unhappy in her marriage to her husband.

They met on a dating site ‘Mingle2’ in February 2016. On Wednesday, 11 May 2016 they first met together at The Ibis Hotel, ___ — while your daughter was in school — to have sex! She happily told me that they had sex 2 times in the hotel. Richard tells me that your wife asked him to remove her shoes as she sat on the bed before saying ‘Come on Richard — Fuck Me!’

Your wife then boasted that they met again, this was on Tuesday 24 May 2016 to have sex in Richard’s car. He says he had erectile dysfunction with her that day — even though she was lay[ing] naked on the back seat of his car!

The best is yet to come…

Thursday, 16 June 2016 your wife invited Richard to your home to have sex 3 times in the bedroom she shares with your daughter!! Before preparing him a ___ meal. Very cosy! Your daughter _______ was in school!

Sunday, 26 June 2016 your wife took your daughter to MEET Richard and _____ in the local park in ____. They pretended to just ‘bump into one another’ to conceal it from the children. Your wife is clearly NOT a good mother as Richard is a poor Father figure also! Your wife planned to remain living with you but she was to be Richard’s Mistress (her exact words).

On Thursday, 30 June 2016 Richard travelled by train to your home again to have naked sex in your wife & daughter’s bedroom. This happened 2 times while you were working hard at your job and your daughter was in school. Your wife even fed him again from your kitchen! She admitted and goaded me that Richard was in your home with her while he took a phone call from me. She had no mercy; compassion or guilt when giving me all this awful detail. She is a cruel and manipulative, controlling woman.

I am heartbroken as I loved this man with all my heart. I now lose my partner; our business that we shared and my income. I am so angry and sad. But I take NO pleasure in sharing this with you, please believe me. It is better to know (even though it is sad and painful) than to be continually treated like a fool in this way — particularly as she involved your daughter in their dirty games too. This is why you must know as she will do it to you again othewise — she is still showing up on the same dating site, it is clear this was NOT her first time. I do this to help you and to hurt her in return for my hurt.

Damnnnnn. So how did she know all this? According to the writer of the letter, she actually had the balls to confront the mistress. In the ultimate plot twist, the mistress actually bragged to the author and divulged all the dirty details of her relationship with the hubby. And I thought I was a psycho girlfriend. The exposé ends with the author describing how evil the mistress is and how, of all things, she even cooked dinner for Richard after they got down and dirty. What. A. Skank.

Because this situation isn’t confusing and dramatic enough, the scorned wife then wrote the letter in question. But she didn’t just send it to the other couple. She sent it to the entire damn neighborhood. How’s that for a desperate housewife? Either way, it sounds like she’ll be better off without Richard. Here’s hoping that they didn’t have a prenup.

To read the full letter, click here.

[via TheLADBible]

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