How To Not Lose Your Shit When You Go Back To School

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As summer lovin’ slowly starts to wash away, stress about school comes out to play. Between work week, recruitment, and the chaos of getting back into your school schedule, all the stress begins to wear on you. By week two, your patience is at an all-time low. However, having a nervous breakdown in the middle of chapter or snapping at your sister who took an extra four minutes in the bathroom isn’t required. Here are a few quick tips to avoid that back to school stress.

Tip One: Invest in a planner.
Being in a sorority, you have to expect that your plans will constantly be added to or changed. To avoid this, invest in a planner. No matter how smart you believe you are, there is no way you can remember every single detail of the week without feeling paranoid or like you are going crazy. My personal favorites are the Lilly Pulitzer agendas. Between the extravagant patterns and fun stickers they come with, I’m always excited to write down my newest weekend plans. Although social life is fun, it’s important to remember your work for the week, too. Keeping an updated planner helps you remember what you have to do throughout the week so you can avoid the conflict of choosing between writing your paper that is due tomorrow (oops) and attending the ABC theme party.

Tip Two: Work hard, play hard.
No one promised you college was easy. However, no one said you had to be miserable through it, either. Like all other students, you are at your university to obtain a degree. So, no, going over to your favorite house at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday for a mixer is not your brightest idea. Stay in and study for your exam that is Thursday and then go reward yourself Friday for all your hard work. By setting a schedule for yourself, you are able to get all school work done and know that you will get to have fun at the end of the week. Surrounding yourself with friends on the weekend is a great way to forget about the stressors from the previous week. No one wants to be the odd one out when it comes to having a good time, but by staying in and writing that paper? You’ll thank yourself later.

Tip Three: breathe.
It is okay to stress out. Everyone does it and even those who seem calm and collected have had meltdowns, too. After you spend hours biting your nails or crying into your pillow, collect yourself. College is stressful but you CAN do it. Lean on your sisters for support and ask for advice when you need it. Being in a sorority gives you the perfect chance to help alleviate stress. Ask your big sis who is a math major to help look over your stats homework you just spent three hours figuring out, or even ask your roomie to head over to the gym with you to let off some steam and clear your head.

Your college years are some of the best (and shortest) years of your life. Take a deep breath and enjoy them before they fly by. At times it may be tough, but always remember that there’s wine at the end of the tunnel.

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