How To Not Be A Bitter Bitch When Your Best Friend Gets A Boyfriend


Being single is even more fun when your best friend is also single. Taking on the town together doubles your chances at scoring. You two make the ultimate wingwoman duo… until the bitch decides to get settle down and you’re left out on the field alone. But as hard as it can be third wheeling all.the.time., it’s important to support your best friend in her new relationship. Sure, the transition sucks, but eventually you’ll get used to it and forget the days when she was single. With these four steps, you’ll go from spiteful to blissful about this new boyfriend in no time.

1. Be accepting of her new availability.
Gone are the days that you could count on this girl to hang out anytime, anywhere. There’s someone else competing for her prime time and you’ve got to be okay with that. Avoid being left in the dust by cutting down on last minute plans. Let her know a few days ahead of time that you’re going to need a romcom and wine night this weekend. Then she can tell her boyfriend to hang with his bros that night and all will be right with the world.

2. Actually take interest in her relationship.
During the honeymoon phase, she’ll want to tell you how cute their dinner date was. Once the honeymoon phase is over, she’ll want to tell you how she wishes he was closer with his mom. Either way, you’ve got to be there and be genuinely concerned. She’ll be able to tell if you actually care or not. It’s your duty as her best friend to care. Don’t be selfish. Offer advice and put yourself in her shoes. There could be a day that you need relationship help or want to gush about your beau and you’d want her to do the same.

3. Become friends with her boyfriend.
This guy has not only taken his seat in your friend’s life, but yours as well. You’re going to see him constantly now: in the library, at the house, at bars, at formals, etc. Take the time to genuinely get to know the dude. If he’s dating your best friend, you’re bound to at least like him a little bit. You might even become good friends. It could all actually work out in your favor if he has hot friends (trust me, totally speaking from experience here).

4. Call her out if she makes her boyfriend her life.
What are friends for if not telling you the cold, hard truth? I’ve seen time and time again girls get total tunnel vision on their boyfriends and forget about everyone else in their lives. If your best friend is doing this, sit her ass down and tell it like it is. If you haven’t hung out in a while, make plans with her she can’t refuse. When she has the time of her life hanging with your awesome self, she’ll never go back to her old ways.

5. Be happy for her.
It’s inevitable that being around a cute couple might go to your head. There will be times where she’ll receive random flowers from her guy and you’ll be completely envious. Their cute Insta posts will make you cringe with jealousy, but don’t let it get to you. Relationships are hard work and it just happens to be your best friends time for one. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you always will be and just because she’s dating doesn’t mean she always will be. Go with the flow. If you can’t be happy for her and her guy, well, that’s why they made wine.

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