How To Name Your Group Chat


Group chats are the greatest technological invention since the T-shirt gun. Once you have collected your group of trustworthy companions that you can share your every thought with, it’s time to make it official. When you give the group chat a name, you give it life. You give it purpose. You give it direction. An unnamed group chat is just a lost, mashed together message of numbers that have no real meaning to them. A named group chat is a group chat that can live on for years to come. Make sure that you give it the justice that it deserves.

Use The Number Of People In The Squad

Kind of a cop out, but if you can come up with a clever adjective that either rhymes or has the same first letter it can be cute. But for the love of all that is holy, don’t use “sexy six” or “sexy seven.” That is just tragic.
Examples: Three Amigos, Core Four, The Crazy Eight

Use An Inside Joke

Think of a word you all use or a particular phrase that always cracks you guys up. It can come from a show or real life. Just make it cryptic and make it funny.
Examples: I don’t know your life. Come up with it yourself.

Use A Common Trait

Are you all blonde? Are you all short? Did you all bang the same dude? It’s human nature to be drawn towards people who are similar to yourself. Pull from your similarities to brand your group and keep you together.
Examples: The Blondes, Must Be Under 5’4″, Luke’s Ladies

Use Your Sorority’s Mascot

If you are all in the same sorority, you can use it as inspiration for your group chat name. You all identify with the same symbols and principles, so it only makes sense. Yeah, it’s corny AF, but you’re the one using an article to name your group chat.
Examples: Dolphins, Teddy Bears, Ladybugs, Lions

Include The Word “Bitch”

When you use the word “bitch,” it makes it clear that you guys are ~so close~ that you can comfortably call each other bitches without getting mad at each other. Not only that, bitch is an incredibly versatile word. It can be used as an adjective, verb, AND a noun. Incredible. Use that to your advantage. It is “our word,” after all.
Examples: Work Bitches, Floor 14 Bitches, Bitchy Bitches

Make Fun Of One Of The Members

Singling out one of the members is the best way to join everyone together. Usually, there is a dedicated friend that is just a fiery hot mess, which makes it incredibly easy to mock her. Luckily, with her shameful actions comes a shameless personality, so she doesn’t get mad when you make fun of her. Deep down, she probably loves the attention.
Examples: Emily Is A Slut, Bri’s Babysitters, Ashley’s Dad Is A Dilf


Who needs words when you have the endless possibilities of Emojis? Whatever fits the aesthetic of the group is at your fingertips. Emojis should be added to the end of all group chats, but in some cases, Emojis are all you need.

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