How To Make Yeezy Boots If You Are Queen Of The Ratchets

how to make yeezy boots

The almighty Yeezus has been killing us softly with his genius music, and recently, he’s been killing the fashion game. But for a guy who is so rich, it’s absolutely asinine for any of his shoes to be over $200, let alone close to $900. One pair that the Jenners are especially into are sock booties. And that’s literally exactly what they are.

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It’s a fucking sock with a heel on it. I can’t even imagine how this concept arose. “How about we take the most comfortable thing to wear, and combine them with the least comfortable thing to wear?” Revolutionary. But since we’ll do literally anything the Kardashians tell us to do, girls have searched for a way to rock this look with out having to shell out their life savings. And sure, you could just buy any brand of knockoff, because the trend has infiltrated its way into DSW. But WHY when you can make your own for like $5 out of actual socks. Luckily, there is a way.

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Yep. Put a sock over your heels. So easy, so cheap, and it looks exactly the same.

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Now, the question remains, where the fuck are you going to wear these to? If you roll up to class with these on, you are gonna get the side eye from everyone you pass for sure. You could wear them out, but then you’d be the girl wearing socks. But hey, if you can pull it off, you go girl. Make Yeezy proud.

[via Marie Claire]

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