How To Instagram Like You’re Spending All Summer On Vacation


I follow a lot of travel bloggers on Instagram. I’m obsessed. I love seeing pictures of them on elephants. I love their never ending bikini collection. I love wondering who exactly is taking all of these perfect photos, and where can I find one of my own? I’d love for my Instagram to scream ~wanderlust,~ but you know what? That shit is expensive. Whether you’re confined to your hometown working a summer job, or in your college town trapped in summer school, you can still fool people via Instagram that you’re spending your summer in a lap of luxury.

Utilize Apartment Pools

Literally any body of water. Sneak into a different apartment pool throughout summer. If you take an aerial shot and zoom in far enough, you could disguise that body of water to be anywhere. Lucky for you, water pretty much looks the same worldwide. Are you laying on that swan floatie in a rooftop pool in Vegas? Maybe. Find the lone palm tree that apartment pools for some reason always plant. Point that camera up, and all you’ve got is a palm tree and a blue sky. Boom. It’s like you’re in Bali.

Dress Like You’re At A Resort

If you dress like you’re on vacation, you’ve already got the speedy Instagram strollers fooled. Just do the most at all times. Throw on some oversized shades. Always wear some sort of long kimono over your bikini. Maybe put your hair in some sort of Pinterest-inspired braids that you’d never wear on a regular basis. They won’t even realize you took the picture in front of a pink wall at Taco Cabana and not your hotel in Fiji.

Fool Them With Flat Lays

Sure, you’ve been holed up in your room with takeout binge-watching Orange Is The New Black, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fool them. Go to the grocery store and just buy a whole bunch of tropical fruit. Between all the photos of coconuts and pineapple, no one will guess that your Hawaiian snacks are actually from Target produce. Search through videos on YouTube on how to fold towels in intricate ways. It’s a fun, depressing way to pretend you have room service!

Use Google Images

If all else fails, hit up your old friend Google images. The location link says you’re in Italy, so there’s no way it’s not real.

You’re basically a travel blogger now.

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