How To Get A Guy To Propose, From A Guy’s Perspective


I used to think that the marriage life wasn’t for me. I was your typical frat boy with the whole “I’m staying single till I die” mentally. Then everything changed. Suddenly I find myself with a fancy ass ring (2.5 carats total) and a proposal plan for the ages. What happened? How’d I get caught in the whirlwind that is love? I don’t think there was a spell put on me. I think it was the mind tricks used on me in the recent months of our relationship. In your case, it’s spring and you don’t have a ring. What’s the deal? I’m here to help because I’m the prime example of how to get that ring. So here are three surefire ways to get him to propose.

Leave Subtle Hints

One morning I was walking around my apartment after my girlfriend had left for her teacher’s aide credit class. I had noticed that my computer was powered up on the kitchen table. When I glanced at the screen, I had noticed she left her Pinterest page up. So I scrolled through to gain some extra knowledge on what my girl was into. I got tons of info on vacation ideas, her dream house, and, of course, wedding and engagement rings.

Maybe Pinterest dropping isn’t your sort of thing. How about casually watching every wedding show there is while he’s in your presence. Maybe try on some rings you like and send him a picture saying “doesn’t this look gorgeous on me?” That worked on me because I thought the ring she was wearing was just a normal ring, not an engagement ring so I promised to get her one.

A guy isn’t going to brush these hints off. We take notice and it gets us thinking, “is this the girl we want to marry? If it is, looks like she’s ready, so am I?”

Don’t Make The Convo All About You

This one here is a no-brainer. It’s one thing to dominate the conversation. My girlfriend does it all the time, which I don’t mind. But when a guy is getting silenced the whole time, it makes us lose interest fast. People love talking about themselves. It’s been scientifically proven. So let us tell you about our personal troubles during the day, share our goals, successes, pitfalls, etc with you and listen. Then I’ll discuss which Kardashian I think is most likely to end up as president. We’ll give a lot more than we take when it comes to the convo, just don’t try to take 100% from us.

Complain About Your Friends Getting Engaged

You know what people hate in general? Complainers. Which is a complaint in itself, coincidentally. So the next time one of your friends post on Facebook about how they just got engaged, run to your boyfriend and be sad, but happy at the same time, about it. Eventually, we’ll get the message that it’s your time to shine and announce to the world that you said yes. Just keep peppering him with those sad eyes. It’s really hard to say no to.

If all else fails, just threaten you’ll start using teeth on your blow jobs. Worked on me.

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