How Not To Suck When You’re Single

How Not To Suck When You're Single

Everybody knows that couples suck — not all couples, but the ones who don’t follow the rules for not sucking, which is a lot of them. But sometimes, single girls can suck too. Life can be hard for a single girl in a college town. It’s easy to take on the wrong attitude. I mean, I’m not saying you’re worse than the girl who sucks when she has a boyfriend, no one is, but you should still check yourself. I understand it’s hard when “Wanna go take some shots,” is the most romantic thing going on in your life, but it’s no reason to take on an anti-couple persona and jump on the “I hate Valentine’s Day” bandwagon year-round. Just follow these basic rules, and you should be fine.

Do not cringe when you see couples canoodling on campus. At some point in your life, you have been or will be intoxicatingly in love with someone, and you won’t care who knows it. Let them have their moment. Yours will come, and you’ll probably be more successful, more chic and have a better wardrobe when it does.

Do not throw yourself at boys at the bar, or anywhere else. I know you’re just an emotionally confused little girl who would really like a boyfriend, but let me assure you that this is the absolute worst way to lock one down. No boy is going to date you if you’re the one approaching him, if you’re noticeably catty to any other girls who talk to him, or if you volunteer to take a blow job shot. Seriously, there is nothing cute about that.

Do not complain about being single to anyone besides your best friends. Literally, no one else cares. Your single friends will judge you for not being able to stand on your own two feet, and may be offended that you’re not content just hanging out with them. You will start to make your friends with boyfriends feel uncomfortable. They’ll start to exclude you when something is going on with their relationship. If you’ve ever had a boyfriend, you know that it’s not always easy or fun. It gets really hard to balance and you can start to feel left out when you miss things like your pledge sister peeing herself on the walk home while you were busy with your boyfriend. You’re going to want support from all of your friends when you start dating someone. Don’t take that away from them just because you’re single right now.

Do not backslide. You may hate being single more than life itself, but there is a reason for it. Maybe he wasn’t emotionally available, maybe he cheated on you, maybe he bought a pair of cargo shorts, maybe he tried to hit on one of your sisters, or maybe he just wasn’t the right one for you. It doesn’t really matter why it didn’t work out. Just don’t forget that it didn’t work. Don’t continue to call him after 2am or drunk text him every weekend until you find someone new to occupy your time. You’ll only feel shame and embarrassment (the next day), and you’ll hate being single even more. Try just chilling by yourself. It’s actually refreshing to wake up in the morning and go about your day without thinking about a boy. You may just get over that ex of yours, which will only poise you to be ready for a relationship when you meet the next man of your dreams.

Do not question yourself. This is most important, and the longer you go without love, the harder it is, but don’t question why you can’t find a boy. Don’t develop insecurities just because you’re single. Self-improvement is great. Making him regret losing you is really great. Losing sight of yourself, because you don’t have a boy to validate you is not.


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